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Who doesn’t like long hair? Long hair adds charm to your personality. Women with long hair look sensuous and smart. But not all women would be so lucky. This is because; growing long hair would not be enough. Growing long and beautiful hair is a must. So, here we give you some simple tips to grow long hair and loaded with natural beauty. But again, before you grow long hair, you should be a responsible woman and must make sure that you condition the hair properly. This is because, the hair that is not well maintained and well conditioned would be prone to damage, split ends and such other problems. So, grow long hair but you should be ready to maintain them later. Read on for simple tips!

Simple Tips to Grow Long Hair

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Simple Tips to Grow Long Hair

We know that you don’t have time for elaborate stuff. So, we would not give you any tough remedies. These are all simple ones!

♥ Eat protein for fast hair growth: If you are longing for long hair fast then you should start eating a protein rich diet. Proteins add nourishment to hair and help your hair grow faster. Eggs, nuts and fish do provide good amount of protein supply. You will surely find a very good difference with this remedy.

♥ Potato juice, yoghurt and egg mask: Potato juice does help in growing your hair faster. You should crush juice out of two potatoes and then add some yoghurt into the same. Also add egg yoke to this. Now, mix these all ingredients together. Apply hair mask on your scalp and hair and then wash off with mild shampoo after 30 minutes. You can even add honey to this if you wish. This hair mask is believed to quicken the hair growth process.

♥ Warm oil massage: You should indulge into warm oil massage. Take a mix of argon oil, coconut oil and olive oil. Make this mixture warm and then massage your hair and scalp properly. This wonderful head massage would promote good sleep, make you stress free and enhance blood circulation. Witness fast hair growth over a period of time. You should use this massage therapy twice a week.

♥ Eat avocados: Avocados are rich in fatty acids. You should try to include this in your daily diet. Add them to salads, sandwiches and you can even eat that raw. Eating them would really help you nourish the hair follicles and that would provide a positive boost to hair growth. You can even use avocado hair mask for getting healthy hair.

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♥ Have Brussels sprouts in your diet: If you wish to make your hair healthy and grow faster then add the veggies like Brussels sprouts to your diet without fail. Even Kale and Broccoli would be equally good. These veggies are very rich in minerals and vitamins. Don’t miss them!

We hope that you found the above remedies quite easy to imply. These are all simple tips to grow long hair and we hope that you would try them and get ready for lots and lots of complements.

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