Effective Home Made Egg mask for Hair


Eggs are considered as the ideal breakfast and are wonderful for the health. Eggs are loaded with antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins and proteins. It is not just good for your health but but also effective egg mask for hair. Women in olden days never relied on anything except eggs to make their hair shiny and gorgeous. If you suffer from hair problems such as dry and dull hair, dandruff or itchiness or any other problem then your hair is in need of eggs. The fatty acids present in eggs can make your hair healthy and the antioxidants are vital for supplying oxygen to your follicles and prevent hair loss. The cholesterol is known to absorb all the necessary components. In other words, eggs are your hair’s best friend.

Egg Mask for Hair

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Listed Below are Some Wonderful Egg Mask for Hair :

1) Egg Mask for Hair Growth

Remove the white of an egg and add one teaspoon of olive oil in it. Now beat until you have a paste like consistency and now lather up your hair and scalp with it. Do not wash for at least twenty minutes and then rinse with cold water and apply a mild shampoo.

2) Egg Mask for Silky Hair

Take a cup of yoghurt. Break one egg and the yolk to it. Now mix well and cover your hair with it. Now keep it on your hair for about twenty minutes and then rinse. Washing your hair with cold water will prevent your hair from smelling.

3) Egg mask for Well Conditioned Hair

Break one egg and pour the yolk in a container and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil in it. Now whisk it until you have a perfectly blended mixture. Pour some water in it so as to dilute it. Now wash your hair but do not use a conditioner. Use this mask as your conditioner and cover your hair with it. Allow it for some time and then wash it off.

4) Egg mask to Repair Damaged Hair

Take an egg yolk in a small bowl and add a teaspoon of almond oil or coconut oil, one tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of yogurt. Now turn these things into a mix. Apply this paste on your hair. Allow it to stay for two hours and then rinse it off.

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Benefits of Egg Mask for Hair:

1) Hair is made of proteins and using egg for hair can supply your hair with it and thus keep it healthy.

2) It contains vitamin A and will enhance the hair’s ability to create natural moisture by stimulating the production of sebum. The sebum production allows the vitamin A to control dandruff. Your hair becomes shiny with the help of vitamin D found in it.

3) Biotin, present in the egg yolk prevents your hair from becoming brittle and breaking.
So, now that you know how useful eggs are for hair , you can start using it for making your hair strong and beautiful.

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