5 Simple Tips and Tricks for Beautiful Hair


All women wish for long, lustrous and thick hair. Hair is a symbol of beauty and naturally we all desire Rapunzel’s lustrous and healthy locks. In today’s world filled with pollution, stress and hours of travelling in the sun, it is very hard to maintain the quality of hair. Most of the people face problems such as dandruff, split ends, rough hair, excessive hair fall and so on. For avoiding all these problems and to improve the appearance of your precious locks, it is very important to provide nourishment and care to your hair. But you don’t need to stress anymore, listed below are some wonderful tips and tricks for beautiful hair.

Tips and Tricks for Beautiful Hair

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5 Simple Tips and Tricks for Beautiful Hair:

1) Concentrate on the Ends

Unless your scalp is extremely dry, you do not really require the additional moisture that a conditioner gives to the roots. The scalp produces the oils naturally doing the day so adding more can actually give your hair a greasy look. For wonderful results, try applying the conditioner on the bottom 3/4th of your locks. Concentrate more on the ends.

2) Use a wide Tooth Comb

Most women make this mistake, they use a paddle brush instead of a wide tooth comb. To remove the tangles from your wet hair, always use this comb. This comb does not pull or tug at your hair like most other combs and you can remove all your tangles safely and in no time.

3) Brush before you Wash

Most people must have looked at this tip with surprise in their eyes. But this tip is very effective and is indeed brilliant. We all lose plenty of hair during hair wash. Just guess where all your precious locks end up? They end up down the drain! For removing clogs, always brush your hair before a wash. If you are prone to those stubborn tangles in your hair then this tip is perfect for you.

4) Use Spin Pins

If you adore buns as much as everyone, then this tip is for you. These spin pins are wonderful and even if you have the thickest of hair, just two to three of these will hold all hair. Now you don’t cover up your entire hair with pins. Isn’t a wonderful substitute to using three dozens of bobby pins? You can purchase them from your nearby stores or from the online stores.

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5) Switch to Silk

Most of the women sleep on the cotton pillows, but what you aren’t aware of is that silk and satin pillows can do wonders for your hair. Yes, the material of your pillow case matters. Cotton actually robs all the moisture from your hair and it is also very harsh on your locks causing split ends and damage. And the lovely satin and silk pillow causes feel luxurious. So now it is time to switch to silk!

Now that you are aware of these amazing tips and tricks, follow them and watch your hair grow beautiful and lovelier than ever.

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