Do you want to look like International Celebrity ? Make Right makeup Choices


Who doesn’t want to be a style diva? Well, of course, you would have some idol that you would like to follow. If you have been inspired by the looks of Sharon Stone, Victoria Becham, Julia Roberts etc then we can understand that even you would want to look like an international star. Well, it’s not at all impossible. But all you should know is the right technique of applying makeup. Here are some tips that would be useful if you wish to follow international makeup trends.

celebrity makeup tips

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International Makeup Tips for you

If you wish to have an international look, then follow these tips:

♥ You should always use a base primer on your face. This helps in hiding the fine lines. We do not have flawless skin. But yes, we can hide the flaws by following this step.

♥ You should use shimmers on your eye makeup. You can even apply the same on the lips. This would give you shimmery look and it would look appealing too.

♥ You can use false eye lashes if you really want to look different. Buy something that you would be comfortable in. It really doesn’t hurt or harm. Just use the best eye lashes that you can get.

♥ If you are planning to show of your sexy legs then it would be advisable to apply moisturizer on your legs and also cover them with foundation. This will give you super sexy, smooth and glowing legs. Apart from that applying moisturizer all over your body would give a sheen look to the body.

♥ You must highlight the features that you are best at. If you have superb eyes then opt for loud eye makeup. If you have high cheek bones then highlight the same with blush. You should first find out which is your appealing feature and then based on that you can decide upon the makeup.

♥ Wearing the right dress and footwear makes a lot of difference. You might have seen all the international stars complimenting their looks with a good dress and footwear. Wearing high heels would look sexy and at the same time it would enhance your overall personality.

♥ When you are just out for the date or for the party, make sure that you floss your mouth. This will help you get rid of any sort of bad breath or something that would be a turn down.

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Apart from all the above tips, what really makes a big difference is how you maintain yourself. If you are an active person then you can manage your weight too. But make sure that you eat right and stay fit. International makeup is not that tough. You should follow some simple rules. If you do that, you would be no less than an international star. Looking sexy is very much in your hands. You should hide the flaws that you have rightly and highlight your best features. This is the secret!

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