Know about Makeup Step that you can’t Skip


All the females want to look beautiful. Thus they would apply some makeup come what may. When you are going out for a party or for a casual outing what really matters is how amazing you would look. Well, thus taking up some makeup would always be helpful for you. But have you ever thought that in the hustle and bustle of looking great and doing makeup have you ever missed out any makeup step? Well, yes, many a times you have! Just know about the makeup step that you can’t skip.

makeup step that you can't skip

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Deciding over primer?

It is true that before you apply any makeup primer should be applied over the face and neck. Whether you prefer a full on makeup or a casual light makeup, what really matters is whether or not you have applied the primer. There are many brands and types of primers available. You should settle down for something that would be perfect for your skin tone. First step for your ultimate makeup would be to find as to what skin type you have and based on that you should choose the makeup primer. There might be acne breakout or open pores problem or there might be dark spots or something like that. Thus depending upon the problem and your skin type you should choose the primer.

Why you should not forget applying the primer?

A makeup primer gives you so many benefits and thus you cannot forget applying the same. It helps in keeping the skin hydrated and also reduces the prominence of fine lines. Thus you can look young too. Here are some of the benefits that will come to you if you choose the right kind of primer for your skin.

♥ Makeup primer helps in sealing the pores. Thus if you have problem of open pores then too the skin would look even and smooth.

♥ After you apply the primer the make up looks quite smooth and natural on the same. Also, primer would impart smoothness to your skin.

♥ Most of the primers that you find on the shelves are non-irritating. Thus your skin would not feel red or swollen. You would surely enjoy the amazing skin tone that you will get after applying the primer.

♥ With a primer you can make the makeup stay for a longer time. If you want the makeup to stay as it is for 5-8 hours then you should apply a primer and never forget this important step.

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♥ The primers as available these days are quite light and thus you won’t feel heavy at all. In fact, your skin would get a smooth finish and you will surely be showered with lots of attention.

♥ With primers you can get benefit of anti-ageing too. Your skin would get hydration and your skin would feel quite smooth.

With the above details it is clear that you just can’t afford to miss out the makeup step of applying primer on your face before you actually apply the makeup.

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