Best Remedies for Skin Tightening


Ageing is the natural process and almost everyone passes through this phase of ageing. Some people show the ageing signs quickly and thus the facial skin might look saggy. When a person ages he or she has lot of stress and responsibility in his or her mind and thus this also shows on the facial skin. There might be blemishes and wrinkles. In order to keep skin fresh and young you can take help of certain home remedies. Some people opt for plastic surgery for skin tightening but it might not be everyone’s cup of the tea. This is because it is very expensive and might have certain side effects as well. Here are some of the best remedies for skin tightening.

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How to Reduce Wrinkles on Face and Treat Saggy Skin?

Cucumber slice:

Cut a cucumber into a few slices and massage the slice on the facial skin in the circular motion. Massage gently, up and down and side ways. You can extend this massage to neck and even around the dark circles. It would be better to use this natural therapy twice or thrice a week. You are sure to get wonderful results. This cucumber therapy also reduces the dark spots and makes skin tone better.

Green tea:

Green tea has anti-ageing benefits. Thus if you want youthful skin then you should consume green tea twice a day everyday and this can help you get wrinkle free skin.

Yogurt mask:

Yogurt can give your skin youthful look and it really helps as a natural treatment for sagging skin. You can make a paste out of yogurt and lemon juice and this should be applied on face and neck for 30 minutes. After that you should wash off the face with normal water. You can repeat this therapy every alternate day for a few days. It will give you best skin tightening benefits.

Mixture of castor oil and almond oil:

Both castor oil and almond oil are rich in vitamin E. A mixture made out of these two oils, when massaged on the facial skin can give you skin tightening benefits. It helps you get rid of saggy skin.


Avocado is quite useful as a skin tightening agent. It also helps in reducing double chin. Avocado when mixed with yogurt with the paste like consistency and applied on facial skin can really give wrinkle free skin.

Egg whites and raw honey:

There is one more amazing remedy for skin tightening and that is, egg whites and raw honey. You can mix them both and apply this mixture on your face. This can enrich your face and give you a perfect tone and texture. Of course, it also helps in reducing the wrinkles too.

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You can try the above effective home remedies and see if things can come under control. Of course, there are skin tightening creams available in the market but they have some amount of harsh chemicals too. However you can make wise selection of the cream after a review.

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