Simple Tricks to Avoid Premature Wrinkles


With ageing wrinkles do erupt and tell the reality about your age. But some people even get premature wrinkles. This can be avoided. Yes, you can use a few simple tricks and avoid premature wrinkles. Females love looking young and if the wrinkles reveal the secret about their age, they would surely not like that. Here are some of the simple techniques that will help you avoid ageing the skin early.

remedies for premature wrinkles

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Simple Easy Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Ageing of Skin 

Avoid smoking:

Smoking is bad for health and it is also bad for skin. Smoking leads down to breaking down of collagen which can lead to pre-mature wrinkles. The skin would become rough and the subtleness and softness of the skin would go away with that.

Avoid going out in sun:

The strong rays of sun can create wrinkles on your skin. This was revealed in one of the researches done in New York on identical twins. In this research it was revealed that the sibling who was exposed to limited sun light had limited effect on skin whereas the one who was exposed to too much of sunlight developed wrinkles quickly. It is best to wear a good quality sun screen with SPF 40. Choose a good brand of sunscreen lotion when you have to go out in sun.

Avoid stress:

Stress is big foe of skin. People who take lot of stress sand tension develop wrinkles quickly as ageing tends to be quicker in them.

Have good sleep:

If you sleep well you will remain fresh and it will surely affect your skin too. Having a good sleep helps in balancing the hormones and thus you can expect a young look for the skin.

Apart form the above simple lifestyle changes, you should also take good care of your diet. Having lots of fresh fruits, green and leafy veggies as well as nutritious food will surely give radiance to your skin. Drinking enough water will keep skin hydrated and this can help your skin to stay young. People, who have been following such simple techniques to keep skin look young, have amazing skin texture and look.

Home remedies for getting rid of skin wrinkles

natural remedies for premature wrinkles

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If you wish to keep away from or treat skin wrinkles then you can try a few home remedies too.

Massage your face with olive oil:

Massaging your face with olive oil can give your skin amazing look. It adds hydration to the skin and avoids dryness and roughness.

Take up a facial with banana:

You can take smashed banana or for that matter any fruit and massage it all over your face and neck. You should try to massage in the circular motion. By doing that there will be good blood circulation and this will surely make your skin look great.

Buy anti-wrinkle cream:

You can checkout any good brand of anti-wrinkle cream and apply it as per the instructions mentioned. Read reviews online and find out a very good and useful anti-wrinkle cream.

If you follow a good skin routine then you will really get prevention from pre-mature wrinkles.

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