Best Makeup Tips for Girls who wear Glasses


For all those beauties who have no option other than wearing glasses, you don’t need to throw out your make up. It’s an assumption that make up isn’t meant for girls who wear glasses. To be honest, finding the right makeup for those who wear glasses, is anything but easy but isn’t really impossible. If you are one of those girls who wear glasses and are confused about what make up to apply, then this article is perfect for you.
Listed below are some wonderful makeup tips and tricks for all the glasses wearing divas:

Best Makeup Tips for Girls who wear Glasses

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Best Makeup Tips for Girls who wear Glasses:

1) Simple Eyes

The most basic and prime make up tips for girls who wear glasses is to keep the eye makeup simple. Your face is dominated by the frames and so using heavy makeup can clash with the frames or it may be hidden behind them. Neutral tones are absolutely perfect for you and you can use the beautiful neutral tones along with a hint of color from your eye liner.

2) Complement your Glasses

As your frames are pretty obvious, your makeup should work with the frames and not against them. You can try some brightly colored frames as they look amazing. If you choose these kind of frames then opt for a flattering color of eyeliner or eye shadow. If you prefer strong eye colors, then it is best to go for invisible frames.

3) Lashes

Mascara is the best way to take your look from a 9 to a 10. But wearing mascara can be frustrating for girls with glasses as you have to constantly wipe off the mascara smudges from the lenses. But don’t worry, you don’t need to abandon your precious mascara, instead you can go for smudgeproof or waterproof mascara. You can also opt for eyelash dye as it ensures that you don’t have any smudges on your lenses.

4) Lens Type

Your make up should be according to your lens type. Your eyes look longer when you wear long sighted lenses and short sighted lenses can make your eyes look smaller. If you are long sighted, opt for darker shades instead of lighter ones. And for those who are short sighted, you can enhance your eyes with highlighter and brighter shades.

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5) Redefine your Eyes

One of the difficulties with wearing glasses is that your beautiful eyes tend to lose definition behind those frames. Use a black or brown liner around your eyes and apply coats of mascara. One more way to redefine your eyes is to make sure that your eyebrows are beautifully shaped as they can be seen above your frames.

6) Focus on your Lips

One handy tip for those who wear glasses is to shift the attention from your eyes to your lips. An amazing bold shade can look fabulous on the glass wearers.

So now that you are aware of some fabulous makeup tips, you can go ahead and flaunt your beautiful look.

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