Simple Tips for Office Makeup


Want to look good for office without sacrificing your make up? Impossible? No, it is not. Mornings are busy for most of the people. It is very hard to spend time doing make up when most of us hardly have time to take a bath. But now you can catch up on your sleep as well as look flawless. Listed below are some wonderful office makeup tips for all busy bees out there.

Simple Tips for Office Makeup

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6 Simple Tips for Office Makeup:

1) Natural

Keep your make up natural. Office and heavy make up don’t really go together. If you sport smoky eyes at office, instead of looking beautiful you might appear as a party animal and well you cant enter your meetings this way. It is very essential to look professional and polished at work. And doing heavy make up in the mornings means less sleep? And nobody wants to sacrifice their sleep.

2) Flawless Skin

Your make up will look good only if your skin is good and for this it is very essential to make use of a good moisturizer as well as exfoliator. If you are one of the lucky people who are blessed with clear radiant skin then simply opt for a tinted moisturizer and concealer. You can try a light reflecting foundation if you desire a better covering.

3) Eyes

You of course wish to make your eyes pop and look beautiful but it is very essential to know the difference between eye make up for a party and eye make up for office. Apply a natural eye shadow over your eye lids. opt for beige, blush pink or light grey. Now apply some eyeliner at the ends of your eyes. Black liner if your hair and eyes are darker and brown if you have a fair skin tone.

4) Lashes

You can go for long lashes as they will make your eyes bigger and not sleep deprived which you will are. Mascara is like your best friend so apply loads of it. If you have to be office very early in the morning then you can even apply a bit of white eyeliner.

5) Lips

It depends on what you wish to emphasize- lips or eyes? If you love your beautiful eyes and wish to emphasize them then opt for a more natural lip. Go for light pinks and nudes. If you want to make your lips look gorgeous then you can try the red lipstick. Red lipstick is perfect for parties as well as for Monday morning meetings.

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6) Blush

Now all you need is a bit of blush to make you look flawless. You do not require the bronzer, all you need is a bit of rosy glow and even apply some highlighter if you want to flaunt those amazing cheek bones.

All you need to do is follow these office makeup tips and you will look gorgeous every single day. Now you can get your beauty sleep and still look beautiful!

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