Best Ayurvedic Tips to Make Skin Glowing


Everyone wishes to have wonderful skin which is glowing and makes an impression. Some people really feel down due to the kind of skin they have. But they don’t wish to torture the skin with the synthetic and harmful chemicals. For them, the solution lies in ayurvedic care. Yes, here are some of the best ayurvedic tips for achieving glowing skin. But before that let us know what ayurveda says.

Ayurveda is a stream of medical science which believes that human skin can be categorized into three categories. The first is pitta skin, the second is kapha skin and the third is vata skin. As per ayurveda, one should know what his or her skin type is and based on that, treatments can be undertaken for skin.

Best Ayurvedic Tips to Make Skin Glowing

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Ayurvedic Tips for Glowing Skin

1. Eat as per your skin type:

Ayurveda believes that you should have foods as per your skin type. People with vata skin often feel dryness on skin. Thus they should eat foods that would provide hydration and oiliness to the skin. Similarly, people with pitta skin would have highly sensitive skin and thus they should avoid spicy food and overexposure to sun. People with kapha skin would have more oiliness on the skin and thus they should stay away from fatty and oily foods.

2. Eat right and avoid junk foods:

You should eat right stuff as in lots of fruits and veggies. Make sure that you avoid oily and junk foods. Processed foods would also not be good. You should rely more on organic and fresh foods. This will help in repairing damaged skin cells and also regeneration of cells. Thus you can expect a glowing skin.

3. Use herbal massage oils for massage:

You should make it a practice to get the boy massaged with amazing herbal massage oils. These are readily available online or in any leading ayurvedic store. This will add hydration to the skin and would give you the deserved glow.

4. Believe in natural cleansing:

There are many ayurvedic skin cleansers available in the market. You can choose from them based on the presence of exfoliants and vegetable glycerin.

5. Take good rest:

You should give your body enough rest as in you should sleep well. Both quality and number of hours of sleep should be adequate. If you have sleep problem then you can make a habit of drinking warm milk with cardamom and saffron before sleeping. This will induce sleep naturally.

6. Don’t ignore workouts:

You should take up exercises regularly. the best exercise would be yoga and you can learn it from a professional. You can even try jogging and swimming. This would boost your immune system. You should also take up breathing exercises daily and this is what is called as prayanama.  Both kapalbhati and anulom vilom can give your body a zest and of course it can also improve skin texture. It would make you beautiful from within. You will be able to reduce stress in body and mind and this would have direct effect on your skin.

7. Take Necessary Supplements:

Even though we eat right, it is not necessary that we get all the nutrients from the food we eat. In that case we might have to rely on a few ayurvedic health supplements so that the body doesn’t suffer from any sort of deficiency. Herbal formulations help in adding zest to your life and body and of course, you can have beautiful skin too.

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8. Get rid of Junk Food:

You should discard all sorts of junk food from your daily diet. This is because such foods make your skin condition worse. Junk foods can add toxins in your body and thus people who rely more on junk foods have issues like acne, dark spots and many other skin issues.

Ayurveda also believes that a wholesome diet that has lots of fruits and veggies can give the much deserved glow to the dull skin. You can have these fruits and veggies in your diet. Apart from that you can even make face packs from fruits and vegetables and make your dull skin glow.

Here are Some of the Suggestions 

banana and apricot face pack

1. Banana apricot face pack:

You should grate apricot and add it to smashed banana. This pack should then be applied on your face. You can keep it for 30 minutes and then wash off thereafter. You will really feel the change. Your skin will glow and you would get lot of attention.

Olive oil, honey, multani mitti and milk face pack

2. Olive oil, honey, multani mitti and milk:

The mixture of few drops of olive oil in some milk, multani mitti  and raw honey can work as one of the bet solutions for dull skin. This mixture helps in reducing blemishes and spots on the skin and also it provides your skin with a perfect glow.

apple and bottle gourd face pack

3. Apple and bottle gourd:

You should grate apple and bottle gourd and then apply the mixture on your face and neck. You will be happy to see the results.

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Why need Cosmetic Treatments ?

Many people follow cosmetic treatments for attaining glowing skin. But this can be quite costly. In order to reduce the costs, you should follow the above mentioned ayurvedic tips. This would impart you glowing and wonderful skin. Skin is an important organ of the body and you just can’t avoid it. Try to keep it hydrated and well-maintained. You should drink ample of water through out the day so that the skin can stay hydrated. Also, you should eat right foods so that you can maintain the luster and glow.

More and more people have started understanding the power of ayurveda for attaining amazing skin tone and texture. Mother Nature has given us so many natural and herbal gifts. Thanks to ayurvedic treatments that they have inculcated such amazing ingredients in order to give the skin a perfect look, glow and complexion.

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