Are you Over Cleansing your Skin ?


We all read that we should cleanse our skin properly so that the skin gets freedom from dirt, debris, dead skin cells and cosmetics too. But, do you know, sometimes you are over cleansing your skin? How to know that you are over cleansing your skin and what effect it would have on your skin? To get answers to all these questions, just read on.

Over Cleansing your Skin

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Are you Over Cleansing your Skin ?

It is true that cleansing the skin thoroughly and gently helps in getting rid of the extra oils. Thus, often people with oily skin would get into overdoing things. But this is not right. In fact, this would create dryness on your skin and all the natural oils that the skin might have would get flushed off. If you have overdone things then you might feel dryness and itchiness on your skin. This might even be due to wrong choice of skin cleanser. The skin cleansers should have organic ingredients that would not damage the skin. If your skin cleanser has alcohol and harsh chemicals then you might end up having negative impact on your skin.

Effects of Over Cleansing your Skin

If you have over cleansed the skin then you might have issues like:

  • Extreme dryness: With over cleansing, the skin might become dry and flaky. It might even lead to redness and itchiness. Some people also face dry spots on skin due to this.
  • Rashes: If the skin is sensitive to the chemicals or alcohol as present in the cleansers then you might have rashes or some such allergic reaction.
  • Acne: Yes, over cleansing might lead to acne because the skin would be short of natural oils and so you would use too much of moisturizer. Now, sinking skin deep would become difficult and in one way the oils would sit on the skin’s surface and make skin acne prone.

What Steps to Follow for Skin Cleansing ?

Now, now the question is, if over cleansing creates negative impact on skin, then what is the method of right cleansing? Well, you should never take extreme steps. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Just make sure that you cleanse your skin only once or at the most twice everyday.
  • When you want to cleanse your skin try to use natural products only that would not have harsh effect on the skin.
  • If you are using face masks then they should only be used once a week.
  • Make sure that you moisturize your skin soon after you have taken up skin cleansing.

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Thus, if you are careful about your skin you would not face such cases of dryness. It is vital that you do not get obsessed with all this. Taking care of skin and over doing things are both different subjects. We often have wrong concepts in our minds and thus we don’t opt for the right methods. But we hope that with the details and information as given above, we have cleared almost all your doubts and you would now follow a healthy and balanced skin care regime.

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