Skin Tanning Methods to Have Beautiful Bronze Body


In western countries you will see that people are crazy for a bronze body. Thus, they would opt for skin tanning for the same. They would love to take sun bath too. If you have too much fair or pale skin then, for a change, you can opt for skin tanning. This would give your body a desired look!

skin tanning tips and tricks Skin Tanning is Popular Option

The most popular option is sun tanning. But, this may take some time. it would therefore be better to opt for some quick methods of tanning. In the cosmetic world you will find so many things like tan sprays and tanning lotions. But they increase the risk of skin cancer. Even a tanning bed is said to be quick. But that too have some risks of skin damage and skin cancer.

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What would be the best option then?

If you wish to use a tan lotion then make sure that you opt for the one that is completely natural and has SPF protection. This will help you in saving your skin from the harmful sun rays. But after applying this lotion, you can take sun bath.

If you want natural glow then you can merely apply olive oil on your body. Even coconut oil would suffice.

For a quick skin tan, you should go out in sun in between 12 to 4 noon. This will help you in getting your skin tanned quickly.

With the above remedies, you can get the desired levels of tan. Of course, in the market, you will even find tanning injections. They are said to be safe. But before you do any such thing, you should talk to your doctor. This is because; there might be some side effects of using such heavy stuff for quick tanning.

Tan slowly

You should never be in a hurry when it comes to skin tanning. Just make sure that you avoid sun beds as much as possible. Try natural tanning and also make sure that tanning is done evenly. Slow tanning would help you stay always form things like skin damage or sun burns. When you want to tan naturally, you should have sun friendly foods and these would include dark chocolate, tomatoes, foods with antioxidants and so on. These foods would help your skin to generate natural SPF and thus, there would be lower chances of sun burns or sun damage.

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The wrong notion of not using sun screen

There is a wrong notion in the minds of people and they feel that not using a sun screen would quicken the tanning process. Well, if you use sun screen lotion with right SPF, you can accelerate the tanning process as there would be no fear of sun related damage. If required, you can even tell your doctor to start with antioxidant pills as these pills would help to stay away from any sort of sun damage.

These are some of the things you need to know. Make sure that you have finally got an idea about how to take up tanning.

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