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We have always used aspirin as a pain killer. Can you believe that aspirin can ever be used for any sort of skin beautification treatment? Well aspirin face packs are quite popular these days and this medication is being used as active ingredients in face pack. We use banana in face packs, papaya in the same, cherries etc. But have we ever thought that a pill we pop while in pain would ever be useful as a face pack option? But not just because this option has become popular, also because this option is effective you should try face pack with aspirin. Beauty experts suggest that aspirin helps in making skin’s tone look great. You can achieve spotless skin. It also helps in removing dead skin cells. If you have problem of clogged skin or pimpled skin then this kind of face pack would work well for you. Just try the following packs as made out of aspirin and see the difference you will feel in your skin.

aspirin face pack

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Aspirin Face pack that truly different!

1. Aspirin face pack for oily skin:

If you have an oily skin, it means that there would be more of pimples too. This is because acne can come up due to clogging of skin. Take 8-10 aspirin pills and make powder out of it. Now, add a few drops of water and tea tree oil into it so that there is paste like consistency. Now apply this on your facial skin. You should keep it for 15 minutes and then wash off the face. You can repeat this therapy once in every week. This will help you in gaining an acne free skin.

2. Aspirin face pack for dry skin:

If you have dull and dry skin then too you can use aspirin for face pack. You should take 8 pills and make it powdered form. Add raw honey into it and   a few drops of olive oil. Apply this on your face and see you will be happy to see the charm after you wash off the face with warm water.

3. Aspirin face pack for removing skin tan:

No one can avoid going out in sun. So by any chance if you have had a damaged or tanned skin due to sun then you should make a pack out of aspirin for the same. Take a few pills say 8-10 pills of aspirin and powder the same. Add half spoon of lemon juice and one small spoon of curd into it and mix that well. Apply this paste on all the areas of the skin that are sun damaged. After a span of 20 minutes you can wash that off. You will see results after repeating this therapy twice or thrice every week.

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If by using the above mentioned packs you find swelling or redness on skin then you should stop using the same. Mostly, people who use these kinds of face packs do not come across any sort of side effects. This is a perfect home remedy and you can surely get beautiful skin by trying such home remedies.

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