Wonderful and Handy Manicure Tips


Most of us go to that extra mile to make sure our faces look perfect. But our hands need to be taken care of too. Hand accessories are seen in the drawers of almost every girl and these accessories look bland on dry hands with chipped nails. for the girls of this kind, here are some wonderful and handy manicure tips.

Wonderful and Handy Manicure Tips

Here are some Wonderful and Handy Manicure Tips:

1) Chemical solvents and alcohol based cleansers must be completely avoided as they strip the natural oils making our skin appear dry. Make use of products that rely on citrus as they keep your skin flexible and avoid painful cracks. While you are in shower, massaging your palms with a gentle sugar scrub will whisk away the calluses and the dead cells that will avoid the products from penetrating. Then you can apply a reparative cream which contains a lot of glycerine as it allows the skin to retain the moisture. For a deeper and better treatment, apply lots of cream on your hands before sleeping and make sure that you swaddle your paws in cotton gloves that are breathable.

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2) Weak and brittle nails can be attributed to normal aging as well as heredity but there also some other external factors that contribute to weak nails. Wearing nail polish for more than two weeks, dietary deficiencies such as lack of iron, not giving your hands the time to breathe between manicures and making use of acetone in greater quantities lead to brittle and dry nails. To foster flexibility and strength, stay polish free for at least seven days every month and brush on jojoba oil which is very nourishing.

3) There are no wrong nail shapes but there are some rules of thumb. If you wish to flaunt long nails but aren’t up for the work and attention it requires, then you can opt for oval nails as there are fewer chances of them breaking. Whereas square styles when kept neat and short offer a perfect base for dramatic lacquers. So when you wish to dip a finger or a toe into a new and bold nail color, keep it boxy.

4) Instead of see- sawing back and forth, file your nails from the outer edges towards the center. This prevents your nails from splitting and peeling. To avoid further damage, get rid of the gritty tools and use a crystal nail file as it creates a smooth edge which won’t catch.

5) It is extremely tough to distinguish between live skin and dead skin which protects the edge of the nail from infection and bacteria. It is advisable to skip the nippers and use cuticle solvents that moistens and softens the dry and hard skin.

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6) Before purchasing a nail polish ensure that it is three-free that is it isn’t prepared with dibutyl phthalate (DBP). Toluene or formal dehyde . DBP and toluene are both potential reproductive toxins whereas formal dehyde is a carcinogen.

7) To prevent your lacquer from getting gluey , it is very necessary protect the solvents from evaporating and this can be done by closing the lid very tightly. After every application, wipe down the neck of the nail paint bottle to prevent dried gunk from inhibiting the seal.

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