Why you should be Specific of Sun Care ?


Sun exposure is helpful for health. But too much exposure to sun can really be harmful for your skin and hair. Thus, the best thing would be to be specific about sun care. If you take good care then you can save your skin from so many issues. Below, we have mentioned the reasons as to why you should be careful in too much of sun. These are the issues that you might come across, if you don’t be specific of sun care.

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Skin Problems that can Occur if you Get Exposed to too much Heat

Skin cancer:

Sun rays can give UVA rays and UVB rays. Both UVA and UVB rays are said to cause skin cancer. When you have symptoms like rashes on skin, inflammation etc you should see a doctor on an emergency basis. Many people with a fair skin are susceptible to these issues.

Skin burns:

Too much exposure to heat and sun can give rise to peeling of skin. Your skin would get damaged. Thus, if you are going out in sum then make sure that you wear sun screen lotion with an effective SPF.

Dark spots on skin:

Due to excessive heat and sun, there would be damage in collagen fibers. This would affect elasticity of skin as well as the complexion of the skin. It is vital that you should take good care of your skin when you go out in sun.

Sun Care for Hair

We often think that sun care is important only for skin. But even your hair needs good amount of attention. Thus, when you have to go out in sun, you can apply sun screen specifically available for hair. These products are new but they are quire effective. You will be able to find a sun screen spray for your hair in any leading cosmetic or hair care store. In case, if you are not able to find one then you can mix a few drops of sun screen regular cream with some water and mix that very well. Now this should be put inside a spray bottle and you should spray it whenever you have to go out in scorching heat.

[Read: Why you should be Specific of Sun Care ?]

Sun care is a matter of importance. But we rarely think of it. It is true that we should get some exposure to sun. But too much would cause problems. People who have to go out in sun every now and then and if they do not take proper sun care then they have to face issues like fast ageing and black or age spots. Thus, make sure that you know very well that how important is sun care for both, your skin as well as your hair. Remember, going out without a sun screen lotion would be a risk. Also, even if you are at home, you should wear a small amount of sun screen lotion so as to protect your skin from all sorts of skin related issues as caused due to sun and heat.

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