Why should Pregnant Women Seek Prevention from Zika Virus ?


Aedes species mosquitoes are the main villains in Zika virus episode. They are also responsible for spread of diseases like chikangunya and dengue. These mosquitoes mainly lay eggs in the areas where there would be water logging. They stay inside the house or outdoors but prefer staying around people so that they can bite them. It is seen that these mosquitoes are seen in the day. The symptoms of Zika virus would seem like any other virus, but it is a big threat for pregnant women. This is because reports suggest that the pregnant women who contract Zika Virus might pass on the same to the baby and there might be chances of birth defects or poor mental development on the womb itself.

precautions for pregnant women from zika virus

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Cases of Zika Virus among Pregnant Women

As per the available reports, it is seen that when a pregnant women contracts Zika virus near the time of delivery, chances are that she would pass on the same to her baby too at birth. Thus, it is implied that when a female is pregnant and she has Zika virus then she might pass on the same to her baby too. It is also seen that this virus can spread through blood transfusion and via sex too. When the mosquitoes bite the infected person they too become infected and then this can also lead to spread of Zika virus. Surprisingly, there are no cases of Zika virus spread with breast feeding. In fact, it is believed that breast feeding is good for baby’s immunity and thus even in the zones where Zika virus is on a high, it is seen that new mothers are encouraged to breastfeed the babies.

Complications of Zika virus in Pregnant Women

The complication that might be passed on to the infants due to Zika virus in mother would be of microcephaly. This is a disorder which can lead to complications like facial distortion, mental retardation and seizures.

Prevention for Pregnant Women

Prevention is the best treatment. That’s the reason why, pregnant women have to be extra careful when it comes to this virus. Using registered and good repellants and wearing full clothing might be some of the preventive methods for pregnant women. Pregnant women must try to stay within the closed air conditioned room so as to avoid entry of mosquitoes.

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Treatment for Pregnant Women

It is a known fact that there is simply no vaccine available for prevention of Zika Virus. But yes, when you see the symptoms, you should contact your doctor immediately. Make sure when you have symptoms, you drink plenty of fluids and take good rest. In pregnancy it would be dangerous to take NSAIDs and Aspirin. But yes, acetaminophen can be taken under doctor’s observation to keep fever under control. This medication will also help in reducing the joint and body pain.

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