What is Gluten Intolerance and how it is diagnosed?


There is a protein found in certain food grains like barley, wheat and rye and this protein is called as gluten. Many people suffer from gluten intolerance or gluten allergy but this hardly gets diagnosed. As per the available statistics almost 15 percent of population of USA suffers from gluten intolerance. Anyone can get this problem but very few can find out about the same. If you read on the symptoms as listed below then you can get an idea whether you are a victim of gluten allergy or not.

tips for gluten intolerence

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Symptoms that tell the fact about gluten intolerance

  1. Patients who have gluten intolerance often have issues like gas, bloating and constipation after they consume the food that has gluten.
  2. Some patients face brain fog and tiredness after they eat meal that contains gluten.
  3. There may be imbalances in hormones and the related issues like infertility as well as PCOS.
  4. Migraine headaches might also result if the person allergic to gluten consumes foods having gluten.
  5. Pain in fingers and knees along with inflammation in that area of the body might also be a result of gluten intolerance.
  6. Some patients even show anxiety and depression as a result of gluten intolerance.

How to diagnose gluten intolerance?

foods with gluten

There is no medical test as such that would reveal about gluten allergy or intolerance. What you can do is eliminate gluten from your diet completely. Yes, you should stop it without any interruption. When you are off the gluten diet and if you feel the benefit from the same then you will understand that without gluten your life was much better. When you reintroduce you, there will be health issues again. This would confirm that you are suffering from gluten intolerance and that you should remove gluten from your duet completely. Gluten sensitivity is also known as celiac disease.

Some people follow all the dietary restrictions when they are at home. But when they go out, they just don’t follow the rules. This is completely wrong. If they have wheat or any such item that has gluten then it will really start the problems again.

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How to manage without the main food grains?

Leaving wheat, barley, rye etc would not be the end of life. You have many other things to eat. You can have milk, fruits, vegetables, flours made from gluten free grains and nuts. Thus you have wide variety of options to have food. You have to decide what you want to do. Do you wish to live with the discomforts that are associated with gluten intolerance or sensitivity?

While buying packaged food products you should see to it that whether there is a label that mentions gluten free food item? You should always maintain a word of caution. Gluten free diet is quite a big thing. This is because you can really keep away from lots of health issues if you follow a gluten free diet regimen everyday. It will benefit you even in the longer run.

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