What Foods can be given to Toddlers during Stomach Upset ?


Toddlers really look miserable when they have upset stomach. Either they behave in a cranky way or they become silent and just prefer staying on the bed. Stomach upset might include pain in stomach, gas, vomits and diarrhoea.  It would really be quite painful to see them in such way. If the problem becomes grave and if you are just not able to handle the kid then it would be better to go to the paediatrician. If you feel you can handle things easily, then certain food items will really assist in helping getting rid of stomach upset. Just read on and find out the details.

stomach upset in toddlers

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Food items that help in reducing the problems as created by stomach upset:

Bland foods:

Simple bland potatoes and rice would give your toddler some support and it would surely work towards reducing stomach upset too. Try to avoid spicy, greasy and oily foods. This will make the condition worse. It would be better to take simple and easy to digest food items.

Increase intake of fluids:

When there is stomach upset in toddlers it would be better to take more of fluids so that the toxins can easily flush out with the wastes. Avoid milk, chocolates and products that have caffeine. These things would make the condition grave. Take lots of water and juices. You can even try warm soups.

Have foods that enhance immunity:

You can add onion and garlic to soups. This is because they work towards enhancement of immunity. The foods that give you boost to immunity can really work wonders for your stomach upset too. Some parents feel that the child is not feeling well and so they would offer sugary foods. Avoid that, this is because too much of sugary food can reduce the immunity of the child.

Use rehydration fluids:

You can get the prescription written form the doctor about the rehydration fluids. You can give these to your child liberally.

Apart from the above foods, a banana or a cracker can really offer help to the child so as to retain some energy levels. Some kids stop eating completely when they have stomach upset. This can be harmful. This would make them weak. It would be better to encourage them to have the above foods and lots of fluids.

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Do not avoid or postpone going to the doctor if things are out of control. Toddlers are playful when normal. But when something goes wrong with their health it would really become tough to handle them. They would just disrupt your normal routine and won’t let you do anything or go anywhere. But you have to accept things and try to sort them out. Children need lot of love and care and this can really help them get well soon. Try to keep them occupied so that they tend to forget their stomach pain and upset. This would be a testing time for parents as well as the toddler. Try to stay calm and patient.

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