What can be Potential Causes of Zika Virus ?


The World Health organization has declared an international emergency and the credit of this causes of Zika virus. This epidemic is caused by mosquito bite. The Aedes specie of mosquito is the one that is responsible for causing Zika virus. The same specie also leads to illnesses like chikangunya and dengue.

causes of zika virus

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What causes of Zika Virus Spreading ?

This is not a contagious disease and so it does not spread from one person to the other directly. When the mosquito that bites the infected person bites the other person, the spread of Zika occurs. So, the only way to save you from this virus is to prevent mosquito bite.  In May 2015, the first case of Zika was confirmed in Brazil. It is estimated that now, around 25 countries are witnessing spread of Zika virus. Latin America has also witnessed many cases of Zica. It is good that this virus has not entered the continental USA. But yes, those who have travelled to the countries where Zika outbreak was there, a few of them have contracted this virus. So, around 30 cases were witnessed in USA.

What causes Zika in infants ?

  • In infants, Zika might be the case if during pregnant the mother was infected with Zika.
  • Zika virus is said to create pregnancy related complications and birth defects.
  • Breastfeeding is not the reason that would cause Zika virus transmission. Thus, breastfeeding is allowed and encouraged even in the areas where there is outbreak of Zika virus.

Can blood transfusion lead to Zika virus ?

Yes, when the blood of an infected person is transfused in a normal human being, the receiver might get infected with Zika virus. It is also see that sex with an infected person might lead to Zika virus.

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It doesn’t pass from person to person directly 

Thus, from all the above details, it is clear that this disease is not contagious and the virus doesn’t pass normally from one person to the other. When a mosquito bites an infected person, even it gets infected and then when he bites a normal person, there is spread of Zika virus. It is therefore vital to create living conditions that are mosquito free. Even government is working towards making the areas mosquito free so that things can come under control. There has been no vaccine as such till date for prevention of this virus. But, what’s more important is what measures you take to prevent yourself.

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