What are Symptoms of Zika Virus ?


Zika Virus is the biggest concern currently among all and it is still spreading. The labs and researchers are trying to fine something that can stop the spread. This is a febrile vital sickness that can be caused due to mosquito bite.  The same mosquito breed leads to chikangunya and dengue and you can relate this virus with dengue virus. These mosquitoes are mainly seen to be active in the day time. Thus, one should take right measures for staying safe from a mosquito bite. symptoms of zika virus

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Symptoms of Zika virus

The symptoms of Zika virus mainly start with a mild fever and joint pain. Then as this progress there would be high temperature and headache too. There would be skin rashes, eye redness, myalgia, abdominal pain, vomit, digestive upset and so on. The symptoms usually cause discomfort but are not dangerous. It is believed that one out of 5 infected people can develop Zika illness. Rarely, you would find case of death due to this virus. The symptoms would come under control within a few days with some mild medications. But to this, pregnant women are an exception.  There are chances of severe complications in pregnant woman if she gets infected with this virus.

The duration of illness

It is believed that the incubation of Zika virus is normally 3 days to 12 days. It takes symptoms might go within 5-6 days. The doctors normally prescribe paracetamol so as to bring down high temperature and to relieve the body pain. As such, no vaccine has been found that would prevent this illness or cure it. Since it is a viral infection, it would take 5-6 days to get fine.

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How is diagnosis done ? 

Since looking into the symptoms of Zika Virus, the impression would be such that this is dengue or measles.  But while doing diagnosis, the travel history of the patient along with symptoms have to be considered. When this is done, there would be proper diagnosis. Looking merely into symptoms might be confusing because, dengue and measles also have similar symptoms. Based on the symptoms and travel history, medications would be prescribed to the patients. Since, dengue is ruled out, NSAIDs and aspirin should be avoided. The patient would be given mild paracetamol only. However, the treatment and diagnosis in pregnant women might be done in a different way. This is because, the complications as seen in the pregnant women are quite scary.

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