Want to stop Hair Loss ? Try Flax seeds Remedy!


Flax seeds have been discussed quite less when it comes to hair health. Flax seeds are popular for heart health. But, it is important to note that flax seeds really help a lot in stopping hair loss and also putting a curb on dandruff problems. The other name of flax seeds is linseeds and these are very much healthy. If you have severe hair and scalp related problems and you have been looking for some cost effective and affordable remedy then you should use flax seeds for hair growth.

Nutrition in Flax Seeds

• Flax seeds are rich in fiber and vitamin E. this is good for skin as well as health. If you have issues like damaged hair and split ends then you must include flax seeds in your diet. This would help in making your hair healthy.

• Flax-seeds are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. This helps in improving the quality of your hair and skin.

• Flax seeds is highly rich in minerals too and thus if there is acute hair loss, you can get rid of the same by using flax-seeds on regular basis.

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Flax Seeds for Hair

How to use Flax Seeds for Making Hair Healthy?

Use in Diet

• You must take some flax seeds, roast the same a bit and then make powder out of it. You must add this to your daily diet and that would help you in providing nutrition to your hair and body.

• You can add flax-seeds in muffins and give to kids as well.

• You can add them to the milk shakes and smoothies.

Use Topically

• You can use flax-seeds in the natural conditioners. You can prepare such conditioners at home. Take some olive oil and add to it grounded flax-seeds. Now, add some honey into the same and apply this on your hair and scalp. This will help you in soothing the scalp, keeping away from dandruff and make hair healthy. You must apply this pre-conditioning home made product on your hair and then keep it for 30 minutes. After that you must wash off with the shampoo. You will see that your hair would be amazing.

• Take grounded flax-seeds and add some rose water to the same. Now apply this on your scalp. If you have issues like eczema or dandruff in your scalp then you can get rid of the same.

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Thus, it is for sure that when you make such natural packs and masks at home, you will get wonderful hair texture. In order to improve your hair quality you have to take certain efforts as in you must make flax seeds home made conditioners and pre-conditioners and at the same time you must add them to your daily diet as well. These things in combination would work and give you the best possible hair treatment. You can even buy flax seed oil which is available in many super stores and adding that to your salads would really make the salad tasty and hair healthy. Use flax-seeds for hair growth and healthy hair.

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