Vital Tips and Tricks to Make your Eyebrows Thicker


Every woman wishes for thicker and beautiful eyebrows . Eyebrows play a vital role in enhancing your appearance and beauty. Your eyebrows define the line of your face, predominantly your eyes. Thicker eyebrows look beautiful and every woman will be pleased by reading the next few words- it makes you look younger! Scanty eyebrows are the result of various factors like genetic disorders, illness, medication and stress. Sometime you may shape your beautiful eyebrows very thin. Some people are lucky enough to have thick beautiful eyebrows but for all those who are worrying about their scanty eyebrows, you do not need to worry anymore.

Listed here are Some of the Most Vital Tips and Tricks to Make your Eyebrows Thicker:

Almond oil for thicker eyebrows

1) Almond oil

Almond oil contains Vitamin E which is very essential for the good growth of hair on eyebrows. Apply almond oil all over your eye brows and wait for thirty minutes. Rinse with water. For better results, leave this oil on your eyebrows overnight and wash in the morning. Use this oil regularly and watch your eye brows become longer and thicker.

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aloe vera gel for thicker eyebrows

2) Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera is very good for hair and skin both. Cut an aloe vera leaf and scoop the raw aloe vera gel. Take a little gel on your fingertips and apply it on your eye brows. Leave it until it gets dry. After some time rinse the gel off with cold water. Apply aloe vera gel everyday in the morning as well as in the evening to make your scanty eye brows thicker in no time.

Coconut oil for thicker eyebrows

3) Coconut oil

Coconut oil is full of vital properties that make it effective for the hair, skin and also for the health. Apply coconut oil on your eye-brows with the help of a cotton ball. Rinse off after thirty minutes. This is a very good method to make your eye-brows longer, blacker and thicker. Apply this oil everyday for better and positive results.

Castor oil for thicker eyebrows

4) Castor oil

Castor oil is extremely effective for getting black and thick eyebrows. Massage castor oil on your eyebrows 2 to 3 times in a day. This provides nourishment to the root of the hair on the eyebrows and restricts any microorganisms from hampering growth of the hair. Castor oil is very sticky and thick. You can use a cotton ball for applying this oil on your eyebrows. Leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. You can also leave this oil on your brows overnight and then rinse in the morning.

5) Cosmetic method

Using brown eye pencil is another good and easy way to make your eye-brows thicker. This method is also one of the quickest. All you need to do is softly color all the thin areas with the eye pencil. You can even shape your eyebrows by making use of a dark brown pencil. It will make your eye-brows appear thicker.

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Egg yolk for thicker eyebrows

6) Egg yolk

Hair is made of a protein named Keratin. Egg is filled with proteins and thus it stimulates hair growth. Break one egg and scoop out the yolk. Beat it well to make it creamy and thick. Apply this on your eye brows with the help of a cotton ball. Rinse with cold water after 15-20 minutes.

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