Various Benefits of Acai Berry for Hair


Acai berry is a round fruit with a reddish purple color and is very small in size. It is only seen in the Amazon rain forests and it belongs to the species of cranberry, blueberry etc. This exotic berry not only satisfies the taste buds but it extremely beneficial for your hair. Acai berries are considered as the healthiest berries and should be a part of the daily diet. The main components of this fruit , such as various vitamins, methionine and magnesium, make Acai berry the best hair food. Having good and beautiful hair is easier than ever. All you need to do is munch on these yummy exotic fruits. You can consume these berries as it is or you can prepare various yummy smoothies or simply drink acai berry juice.

Herbs for Weight Loss - Acai Berry

The Various Benefits of Acai Berry for Hair are listed below:

1) Strengthens hair from roots

Your hair will look strong and healthy only if your hair is strong from the inside. If your hair roots are free from any infection and are strong then your hair will automatically look beautiful and nourished. Acai berry are great for keeping your hair strong from the very roots. Make acai berry a part of your daily diet. It is extremely good for the skin and hair and consuming this fruit will ensure you beautiful and strong locks.

2) Helps in hair growth

Acai berry contains a lot of protein in fact the protein content of this exotic fruit than that of eggs. It also contains various vital vitamins such as vitamin A, B, E and C along with omega-3,6, and 9 fatty acids. These nutrients are very essential for the hair and a bowl of these berries is a good way to provide nourishment to your hair. Therefore acai berry is the best for stimulating hair growth as it provides nourishment to your hair and keeps it strong.

3) Promotes scalp health

Consuming acai berry is a great way to improve the health of your scalp. Zinc and folic acid are found in acai berries. Almost all of us have suffered from hair loss at some point in our life but there is no need to worry about hair loss anymore. The zinc present in acai berries keeps hair nourished and strong and improves scalp health. When your hair is stronger from the roots, there are less chances of breaking and hence you can get rid of the worrisome problem of hair fall.

4) Controls hair fall

Hair fall is one of the most common problem faced by people . But you don’t need to worry anymore as acai berry is actually a boon to your hair. One of the many reasons of hair fall is the excess calcium in body. These berries are full of magnesium that lowers the calcium levels in the body and thus prevents hair fall. Ensure that you consume these berries on a daily basis for stronger, beautiful and healthier hair.

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