Use Best Quality Essential Oils for All Types of Hair


We hear a lot about essential oils and they do smell amazing but at the same time the work that they do is also awesome. Essential oils are useful in aromatherapy and also for medicinal purposes. If you want beautiful hair then too you can use essential hair oils. So, here, in this article let us discuss about the essential hair oils for all hair types. V=But before that here are some of the benefits of essential oils for hair.

The Benefits of Essential Oils for Hair

  • Improves hair growth
  • Makes hair shaft better
  • Fights off dandruff
  • Helps to treat dry and itchy scalp
  • Make hair quality better

So, here we present to you the best options in relation to essential oils and the hair types. But before that just find out how to use them.

How to use Essential Oils for Hair?

Before you go ahead it is important to know that essential oils are quite strong and concentrated. You can’t use them directly on scalp. This is something not recommended. So, make sure that you mix these essential oils with base oil. The base oil can be olive oil, avocado oil or coconut oil. The essential oil addition should only be to the extent of 1% to 2%. These treatments help to nourish the hair and make them look better and lustrous.

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The Best Essential Oils Hair Treatment

Essential Oils for Hair - Lavender Oil1. Using lavender oil for hair loss:

If you have problem of hair loss then you should first find out the exact cause of the problem. Many a times, this can be due to dry scalp, scalp infection, dandruff or stress. Lavender oil is versatile oil and if you massage your scalp with this, you will get freedom from stress sand you will also get better sleep. Apart from that, you will see that it would even keep your hair conditioned and in good health.

Essential Oils for Hair - Rosemary Oil

2. Using Rosemary oil for hair growth:

If you have hair thinning issue then you should use rosemary essential oil for hair growth. You should use this oil for massaging and this would help in fighting off with the real cause of hair loss. This oil also helps in making you alert and aware.

Essential Oils for Hair - Chamomile Oil

3. Chamomile oil for soft hair:

If you have frizzy hair then you must use chamomile oil for your hair. This would help in making hair soft and lustrous.

Essential Oils for Hair - Jasmine Oil

4. Jasmine oil:

Jasmine essential oil is also very much effective for treating hair related issues. Apply this on your scalp and get rid of dandruff problem.

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Try the above remedies and use Essential Hair Oils for All Types of Hair. This will be a good natural remedy to make your hair stronger and free from fall. Hair loss has become a very common problem these days and thus trying such natural remedies will really help you with beautiful hair strands. Your hair would show your personality and so it is really vital that you take good acre of your hair.

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