How to use Beetroot for Pink Lips?


Do you know that beetroot is the most natural source which could help you achieve a natural pink shade on your lips? Get rid of the artificial look and use these natural home-made remedies to achieve a pink look on your lips. Here is how…

beetroot for pink lips

Beetroot has a bleaching property which gives a natural looking pink stain. When rubbed on your lips overnight, it can leave them looking pinkish in the morning. When you do this daily before going to bed, the natural color of the beetroot juice leaves your dark lips looking pink.

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Best use of Beetroot for Pink Lips

Tip No.1: Mix carrot juice with beetroot juice and massage it gently on your lips for a couple of minutes before sleeping. Do this once daily for a couple of weeks and see the difference for yourself!

Tip No. 2: Dry some beetroot in the sun and grind these. Mix with rose water and apply this mixture to your lips to achieve a soft reddish look without lipstick. If you mix glycerin with this, it would make a wonderful home-made lip balm.

Tip No. 3: Mix 2 Tbsp of olive oil, 1 Tbsp of honey, and 1 beetroot. Cut the beetroot into small pieces. Mix all the ingredients and grind them until a liquid state is achieved. Put this mixture in a small air tight jar. You can use this like a lip color with the help of a thin brush. You can refrigerate and use this liquid for a couple of weeks.

Tip No. 4 : Grind some beetroot juice and pomegranate juice together and apply this mixture on your dark lips and massage to lighten the color tone of your lips.

natural pink lips

You can even prepare your very own natural cosmetics with beetroot.

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Make Your own Lip Gloss

Mix 16 Gms of Castor Oil, 10 Gms of Jojoba Oil, 6 Gm of Coconut Oil and 1 Gm of Vitamin E Oil. Melt these oils together on low heat and let it cool after that for a while. Stir occasionally. When these oils are melting at that time mix 4 Gms of Vegetable Glycerin and 1 tsp of beetroot powder. This will result in to a dark red liquid. Once the oils cool down, stir the whole mixture. Just fill it into small glass jars and this makes your very own lip gloss!

Make Your own Lip Balm

You will require 1 teaspoon powdered beetroot, a few drops of essential oil like orange, peppermint or grapefruit oil for flavor, 1/4th cup shee butter or cocoa butter, 1/4th cup almond or coconut oil, and beeswax or soy wax. Melt the oil and butter. Add wax to this to make it in to 3/4th cup of the mixture. Let it harden just a bit. You could add more oil in case it feels too hard, or more wax to it if it feels too soft. Add a few drops of grapefruit, orange or peppermint oil. Add beetroot powder and stir well to make it’s texture smooth. Store your very own lip balm into small containers.

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