Use Baby Powder for some Common Makeup Routines


We have a conception in mind that baby powder is meant only for babies. But this is not right. Baby powder is versatile in its own way and thus it can be used in many ways. The biggest benefit of baby talc can be to females who have to take up makeup every now and then. Here are some ways in which you can use baby powder for makeup routines.

baby powder as makeup

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How to use baby powder in makeup 

For Eyes:

Baby powder can be used as a primer for eye makeup. You should dust the eye lashes and eye lids with baby powder first. This will give it an effect it an effect of the primer and thus when you apply eye shadow and mascara the makeup will look perfect. But make sure that baby powder has to be used only before you start the eye make up. Do not put it between coats while applying mascara. This will give cluttered look. It is economical in cost and thus it is a money saver too.

Primer for Face:

Baby powder when dusted on face before the makeup can work as a primer. When you really feel miserable buying those expensive cosmetic primers you will really be happy to use baby powder. Take a fluffy brush and pour it in baby powder and apply the dusting all over the face. Remove the excess. Now you can apply foundation on this and it will really stay for long on your face.

For holding Lipstick for long:

If you like holding your lipstick for long then you should use baby powder for the same. First take the powder and apply it on the lips. In a way you should do dusting. Soon after that apply lip liner and a light coating of lipstick. Again apply another coat for baby powder and after that you should again apply lipstick. This will let the lipstick stay for longer time. 

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You will be happy to know that many professional makeup artists too use baby talc for makeup. It leaves the skin baby soft. Above all, It also helps to get relief from extra oil on the skin. It doesn’t have harsh chemicals and thus when you become exhausted due to oily skin all you can do is dust the baby powder all over the face and this will remove the extra dewy and oily effect.

Apart from the above, if you have oily hair then you can make use of baby talc as dry shampoo too. It will temporarily help you. You should make 5-7 partition in your hair and then apply the powder carefully apply it on your scalp and upper area of the hair strands. After that you can remove the extra stuff by dusting with a brush. This will give amazing look to your hair and the oiliness of the scalp and hair.

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