Treating Diabetes Naturally with Home Remedies


Diabetes refers to metabolic disease in which the blood shows off high sugar levels. The main reason for elevated blood sugar level is the inadequate secretion of insulin from pancreas. It has got no cure as such. But one can manage the same and keep the blood sugar levels under control. Basically, there are three types of diabetes.

What are the Types of Diabetes?

The first one refers to Type 1 Diabetes. This mostly happens at an early age and in this the pancreas stops producing insulin and thus the person needs to be on medication for controlling the sugar levels.

The second type is Diabetes Type 2. In this the patient gets this problem mainly at an older age. Most of the people get this type of diabetes. In this the production of insulin is there in pancreas, but it is less than required. One can manage this type of diabetes by proper food control, exercise as well as medication.

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There is one more form of diabetes and that is gestational diabetes. This happens in a few females who are pregnant. This condition can be controlled with food and weight control. Some women have to take a few glucose mediations as well.

Diagnosis on time and managing the condition properly can give you better results. it can create many other health complications and these would include hypertension, eczema, stroke, eye complications, neuropathy etc.

Try to Manage Diabetes

You should take your doctor’s help and start with the medications immediately to manage the blood sugar levels. Along with that you can also use alternative treatments like home remedies for diabetes. Here are some of the best remedies for diabetes that will help you control your health.

green tea for cold

Green tea:

Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants and thus it has the power to reduce the blood sugar level.

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flax seeds for diabetes

Flax seeds:

Since flax seeds are good in fibre they do help in reduction in blood sugar level. You can either have it as it is or you may even add it to water or then consume.

neem leaves for diabetes

Neem leaves:

It has been a known fact that neem leaves can help in improving the blood circulation as well as reduce blood sugar levels too.

drumstick leaves for diabetes

Drumstick leaves:

It really holds true for drumstick leaves too. They have the tendency to reduce blood sugar levels.

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Apart from the above home remedies, you can even consume bitter gourd juice, eat raw garlic and consume fenugreek seeds. These things do help in getting good health for those who suffer from diabetes. Some people also believe that trying fig leaves, broccoli daily can give you a perfect health. Make sure that you eat right and also reduce the intake of too much oily and fatty food. You should reduce the calories in your overall food chart and also consume good amount of water. Taking low calorie and low carb diet would give you freedom from elevated blood sugar levels. Try these above mentioned home remedies too. It will give you extra boost in reducing the elevated blood sugar levels. If your doctor has prescribed you medications then you should have those without fail.

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