Top Five Home Remedies for Dealing with Dry Skin


If you really are quite irritated with the skin dryness then there are many things you can do for the dry skin. Taking special care of your skin would help you to keep it hydrated and in the perfect condition. Here are some of the steps that you should follow to keep your dry skin in good health. Having a non-oily skin is a benefit because the skin does not get oily every now and then. But the skin dryness and the dull look as caused due to it can give you a terrible feeling. This may be due to pollution, over-exposure to sun, certain health factors or the hereditary factors. Taking special care is the only mantra and it will work well.

how to take care of dry skin

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Dry skin care tips 


The very first rule to having a hydrated skin is to keep the skin moisturized. You should search in the market as to which is the best skin moisturizer for dry skin and then get it. You should apply it all over your body but do not forget the facial skin. This is because it always gets exposed to dry air, wind and pollution.

Papaya and almond paste:

You should take around 4-5 almonds and crush it. Soon after that you should add papaya pulp into it and mix well to make the paste like consistency. Apply it to your face and keep it for 15-20 minutes. After that wash it off with warm water. You will have well hydrated and glowing skin.

Cucumber and milk paste:

Grate cucumber and add a few drops of milk in it. This paste should be applied on your face and kept for a while. After that wash it off with normal water. Cucumber and milk, both work very well on dry skin.

Honey and banana paste:

Take one banana and smash it. After that add 4-5 drops of honey into it. Apply this paste on your face. You will really charm up your face after you wash it. Both banana and honey nourish dry skin and make your skin look glowing and hydrated.

Curd and olive oil paste:

Make paste out of curd and olive oil and apply it on your face. You will really love being pampered with this face pack. It makes your skin smooth, soft, supple and glowing.

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Who said that dry skin is a complex thing? You can easily take good care of it with a few natural remedies. Natural remedies for dry skin help you in moisturizing the skin well and thus getting rid from scaly, itchy and rough looking skin. Both dry and oily skin can be an issue. Those lucky people who have a balanced skin are truly blessed. But again, thanks to the natural remedies that you can take good care of your skin and make it look glowing and wonderful.

Market is flooded with many amazing skin care products. But natural remedies have its own charm and for skin such remedies work really well.

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