Top Exercises to Get rid of Double Chin


No one likes a double chin. A double chin not only looks bad but also lowers your confidence. If you have noticed a double chin in all your favorite selfies, then it is time to do something. Your double chin can make you look older and you will be surprised that just by getting rid of that double chin, you will look twice as prettier. So if you have decided to get rid of that double chin of yours, then you must read this article. Listed below are some simple and hundred percent effective exercises.

Exercises to Get rid of Double Chin

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4 Exercises to Get rid of Double Chin:

1) Tongue Press

Sit with your back straight and your shoulders down. Now tilt your head back and look up at the ceiling. Now press your tongue to the roof of the mouth. Do not change the position of your tongue, bring your chin to your chest as much as you can but ensure that you are not rounding the upper back. You know you are doing right if you are able to feel that chin as well as the front of your neck are contracting. Now gently relax your tongue and come back to your normal position. This is one of the best exercises for getting rid of a double chin.

2) Kiss the Ceiling

Stand tall and make sure that your arms are hanging by your sides. Now slowly till your head back till you look at the ceiling. Now try kissing the ceiling by puckering your pair of lips and extending away from the face. You must feel a tightening throughout your chin and neck. Hold for about five seconds and now slowly let your lips relax and bring your chin back to the same position. Do this a few times everyday.

3) Chin Rotation

In a standing or seated position, keep your spine elongated so that your back is completely straight. Then with your chin gently rotate your head to make it move in a full circle right from the shoulder to your back and then back to the shoulder again. Ensure that your shoulders are back and down all the time. This is a wonderful and a very effective exercise.

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4) Side neck Stretch

Sit on the floor and now keep one hand down and your fingers touching the floor at least 1 foot away from your hip. Ensure that you are not leaning or resting heavily on your fingers. Now wrap the opposite arm above your head and your palm should lie over your opposite ear. Keep your head straight and then start bending it towards the shoulders. Make use of your palm to press your head to the shoulder. Now gently take the fingers off from the ground and place them on the upper arm and apply little pressure to press your shoulder away from the head. Be in this position for about ten seconds and then release. This exercise is very effective and do it daily .

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