Top 6 Must Haves in winter


Winters are quite irritating for those who always complaint that winters leave their skin dead and dry. But, if you have prepared well in advance with must haves in winter then you would not face much problem. Here are some tips for you that will guide you in getting an idea about what can be the best and useful must haves in winter.

Top 6 Must Haves in Winter

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Top 6 Must Haves in Winter

1. Oil based moisturizer or lotion:

When winters are on, we would keep our skin moisturized all the time. But, unlike summers stop using the water based moisturizer and go ahead with the oil one. In fact, a massage with almond oil and olive oil would also help you get a good protective layer on your skin. You can also buy good quality body oils from any online cosmetic store and that would also give your skin a natural glow.

2. Dry shampoo:

In winters, if you wash your hair and scalp every now and then, it would take away the natural oils from your hair and scalp. Thus, it would be better to use dry shampoo every alternate day. This would give your hair a fresh look and at the same time that would give you a nice natural glow due to the presence of natural oils.

3. Remedy for chapped and dry hands:

Your hands would get chapped and dry if you don’t apply a good hand lotion in winters. Yes, you should be extremely careful about your hands. Buy a nice hand lotion for your palms and hands so that your skin dryness can be fought over.

4. Warm clothing:

Yes, you will have to be ready with warm clothing for winters. But, the clothing should be trendy and fashionable too. You should look into the favors of 2016 and find out what kind of clothing would look smart.

5. Dry and chapped lips:

You should buy a good cream for your lips or a great lip balm to fight dryness. If you don’t then you would have chapped and dry lips would also turn out to be a bit painful.

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6. Hair oil:

In winters, the hair turns out to be dry and frizz. It would be better to try a good hair oil massage once a week. This would help your hair to stay in good condition. You can keep the oil overnight and then wash off next day with a mild shampoo.

We hope you liked all the above ideas for winter care. These are some of the basic must haves in winter. You should jot down more in your list, if your requirements are more.

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