Top 5 Ways to Add Baby Powder to your Beauty Regime


Every woman wants to look great and gorgeous. But the only constraint is the time constraint. Thus, due to lack of time women may not find enough time. Thus, some simple tips would really help in making the beauty regimen easy. Have you ever heard that how it would help you in enhancing the look of your skin or hair? Well, if you haven’t heard then we will help you with a few tips. Here’s how you can use baby powder for your beauty regime.

How to use Baby Powder in Daily Beauty Regime

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How to use Baby Powder in Daily Beauty Regime ?

1. If you do not have time to wash your hair when they have become greasy, you can use baby powder as dry shampoo. Baby powder helps in absorbing extra oils. If you want your hair fresh in the morning then at night you must dust some baby powder on the scalp. Massage hair roots with the same. Now, once you are done with that your hair would become bit white. But do not worry. You can sleep at night and when you get up in the morning the whiteness would not be there. But you will get up with nice non-greasy hair.

2. If you have problem of too much of sweating then you must use it to soak the extra sweat. Applying daily below the under arms would help in reducing sweat and so this would work like natural deodorant.

3. If you have some sort of redness in your skin then you can try using baby powder on the same. It will surely help you in reducing redness.

4. You can use it as a cleanser too. Take some glycerine and add some powder into it. The baby powder is rich in corn starch and so that would make skin great when you use for cleansing. Apply this mixture as cleanser and then after that wash off the face with warm water. You will feel great. Your skin would be soft and supple.

5. If you love having voluminous eye lashes then you must apply a bit of baby powder on the same. Now you can apply mascara on the same. Your eye lashes would just look so awesome.

6. Use it as makeup primer. If you are looking for quick base for your makeup then you can opt for baby powder. This will help in making your skin ready for makeup. Also, using this would help in absorbing extra oils from the skin.

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With the above options you can make baby powder a perfect and safe way for making your beauty regime quite smart. This is something you can try and make your hair and skin ready quickly. You can use it for your beauty regime. This will help you in enhancing the look and feel. Baby powder is not just for babies. But it would help you for multiple things. Try it and see how that would work as good time saver.

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