Top 5 Triggers for Skin Allergy


Before we discuss the top 5 triggers for skin allergy all you need to know is what skin allergy actually is. Skin allergy actually means itchiness and redness or skin with or without presence of hives. A rash or irritation of skin is caused when the skin comes in contact with allergens. Here are some of the triggers that create allergic reaction in a person.

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Top 5 causes or triggers of skin allergy

Perfumes and fragrances:

Most of the adults get affected with skin allergy due to perfumes and fragrances. Perfumes merely do not mean the scents that you use but it would also mean the fragrances that are there in shampoos, soaps and creams. Some people are prone to such allergies and for them it would be safe to use natural products without fragrances. It is important to note that some people may even have an allergy towards natural oils. It would be better to keep away from fragrances and smells.


If you wear rubber gloves and get redness on skin then it means that you might be allergic to latex that is there in rubber. Latex is a compound that comes from rubber trees and is used in making rubber gloves, balloons, condoms and so on. But if your skin is quite sensitive and prone to allergy then you might get redness and itchiness while using rubber gloves. All you should do is stop using such items.

Fabric related allergies:

Some people feel that skin allergy might be due to wool. But wool allergy is very rare. In most of the cases the allergy in fabric might be due to formaldehyde resins that are used to make the fabrics wrinkle proof and water resistant.


Females just can’t do without beauty products. But it is important to note that the fragrances and preservatives as present in the cosmetics can result into skin allergies like redness and hives. Paraben and Thimerosal are some of the ingredients that are present in cosmetics and can lead to skin allergies. If you are allergic to such cosmetics then all you can do is check out the ingredients present and if possible use the natural cosmetics only that are free from fragrances and cosmetics.

Household solvents:

Some of the solvents as used for household purposes like furniture stripper paint thinner, cleaning products etc can lead to irritation on skin. People who have sensitive skin are often prone to allergic reactions when their skin comes in contact with such solvents. It would be better to use some protection so that skin irritation is avoided.

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There are many other allergy triggers to which you come in contact daily. But the most important triggers are the above ones as they are quite common and in most of the cases unavoidable.

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