Top 5 Fitness Foods you need to Include in your Diet


Are you trying to get in shape? Well, this article is just what you need. Here are the five best fitness foods which will assist your body to derive the most from your workouts and as well as help in recovery. So the next time you are at the supermarket, ensure that you buy loads of these amazing super foods.

The Top 5 Fitness Foods are listed below:

Fitness Foods - Sweet Potatoes

1) Sweet potatoes

Bake, mash or turn into a paste, sweet potatoes are very versatile and are definitely a better choice than the regular potatoes. Sweet potatoes are so healthy as they are full of fiber, iron, carotene and vitamin C. They make a very good addition to your carb loading diet prior to a long race or marathon. They are also loaded with electrolyte potassium which can help you prevent muscle cramping during strenuous exercise.

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Fitness Foods - Bananas

2) Bananas

Bananas are considered as the perfect fitness food as they are full of essential nutrients. Bananas are soft to chew, compact and unfussy. Most of the people eat bananas without the peep but the banana peel is said to have high quantity of potassium, eye- protecting lutein and mood- boosting serotonin. If you cannot eat the banana peel then make a banana smoothie and include the peel in it. Compared to other fruits, bananas are a bit higher in energy. But the calories actually come from the carbohydrate which makes bananas for refueling prior to a work out as well as during and post workout. As it is packed with potassium which may help you with the muscle cramps while working out. Fitness Foods - Milk

3) Milk

Along with hydrating water, refueling sugar as well as bone healthy calcium, muscle healing protein, milk is perfect for those who wish to increase their activity levels. A warm glass of milk during bed time may also help you drift off and you can get a good night’s sleep thanks to its ability to boost melatonin and serotonin as well as its slow digesting casein proteins. Chocolate milk has always been the favorite of athletes. You might think of it as unhealthy but it really works as the 2 vital ingredients you need post workout like proteins for repairing muscles and carbs for giving energy are present in it. A homemade fruit smoothie or fruit milkshake pretty much does the same job.

Fitness Foods - Tomatoes

4) Tomatoes

Tomatoes are full of vitamin C and contain a very powerful antioxidant known as lycopene which gives this fruit the wonderful letter-box red color. Lycopene also helps in preventing prostate cancer in men. Tomatoes are also great for losing weight. So ensure that you include tomatoes in your daily diet.

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 Fitness Foods - Brazil Nuts

5) Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are not only packed with minerals and fiber but also with selenium which is a mineral as well as micro nutrient which is very essential for maintaining a healthy immune system. It also provides protection from cancer and heart diseases. So it is a great idea to snack on these wonderful nuts.

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