Tips to Get Stronger Nails


Most people complain that their nails look dull and break easily. Nails are made of layers of Keratin which is a protein. Healthy nails are devoid of grooves and pits. Unhealthy nails do not grow well and look extremely dull. Week nails also show signs of discoloration and yellowing. Long-term exposure to chemicals such as detergents or water is the most common reason behind unhealthy and weak nails.

Tips to Get Stronger Nails

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Some of the Ways to Grow Stronger Nails are:

Flax seeds for stronger nails

1) Flax seeds

Flax seeds help in growing stronger nails. It contains micro-nutrients like potassium, Vitamin B, zinc, Lecithin, protein and magnesium which are very essential for strong nails. Omega -3 fatty acids are also found in flax seeds which are important to maintain strong and healthy nails. Rub a little flaxseed oil on your nails and massage for a couple of minutes before sleeping. Including flax seeds In your daily diet is a very good idea and you can do so by adding two tablespoons of flaxseed to your smoothies or to your cereal.

Green Tea for Stronger Nails

2) Green tea

Green tea helps in growing healthier and stronger nails. It contains antioxidants that help in prevention of brittle nails and also strengthens the nails. It also helps in getting rid of yellow discolouring. Just brew one cup of green tea and then allow it to cool. Soak you nails in it for ten to fifteen minutes at least twice in a day for good results. You can also make a mixture of green tea and aloe vera gel or coconut oil and massage your nails with it at least twice in a day.

Olive Oil for Stronger Nails

3) Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the best solutions for weak nails. It helps in keeping the nails moisturized and also helps in repairing damage. Olive oil is like a boon to the nails as it softens the cuticles and nails. Heat the olive oil and then massage your nails with it and do not wash it off for at least fifteen minutes. You can do this two to three times in a day for better results.

Vitamin E Oil for Stronger Nails

4) Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil is also a solution for weak nails. It contains moisturizing property that keeps your nails healthy and hydrated. Take a vitamin E oil capsule and then break it open to extract the oil. Massage your nails with this oil for a couple of minutes. Ensure that you do this every day before sleeping for stronger and healthier nails.

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Tea Tree Oil for Stronger Nails

5) Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a very versatile ingredient that helps in repairing weak and damaged nails. It contains antiseptic properties that are very essential for preventing and treating fungal infections. It also helps to get rid of yellow or discoloured nails. Take a bowl and pour some hot water in it. Add a few drops of tea tree oil and soak your nails in it for two to three minutes. For better results make it a habit to use tea tree oil a couple of times in a week.

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