Tips to Get Bright and Bold Lips


Bright and bold lips not only look good but also increase our confidence level. When women apply a bold color and feel confident and great about themselves, they actually attract positive things towards them. It may seem crazy but bold lipstick can actually change your life, in a good way of course. Beauty industry works for the sole reason of making people feel good about themselves. Bold lips look stunning and add to your beauty.

Tips to get Bright and Bold Lips


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Listed Below are Some Vital Tips to help you Ace Beautiful Bright and Bold Lips:

1) Prep your Lips

Before applying a bold lip color make sure to apply a good lip balm on your lips. You must ensure that your lips are smooth and soft, not chapped or dry. Once your balm penetrated into your lips, use a tissue to blot your lips. This removes all the excess lip balm before you apply your lip color.

2) Define with Lip Liner and Concealer

Line your lips with a lip liner that matches your natural lip color and not the lipstick. Make use of what matches your natural lip color. This step is all about preparing a template for the color. You can also make use of a concealer for your lips. One developed for under the eye is perfect as the formulation is reflective and creamy and helps in highlighting as well as perfecting the lip line in reverse. You can draw the lip line and then blend with a brush into all crannies and nooks by stretching out your lips flat. Then use your brush perfect the line around the outer corners of your lips. This really helps to define your beautiful lips.

3) Start off with a Stain

If you do not want to keep reapplying then you must begin by applying a stain in the shade you wish to achieve. Apply the stain all over your lip and then use a tissue to blot out any excess stain. Dab a thin layer of any translucent powder on the top for ensuring that it stays for a longer time. To keep the color rich and bold looking, use a lipstick that matches the color of stain and apply on top. You can use a slightly darker or lighter shade if you wish to give much more dimension to your final result.

4) Color Payoff comes from the Tube

Applying all these different products from the pencil or tube will give you a very pigmented result. But if you feel more comfortable and confident applying with a brush for precision, you can do that too.

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5) Set your Look with Blotting Papers

To help set the color you can make use of a blotting sheet. Blotting with the help of these papers is extremely beneficial as discards the emollients and only the pigment is left behind. After doing this and once you notice that only the pigment is left , you can soften the line if you feel the need.

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