Tips for Managing Greasy and Oily Hair


It’s true that you greasy hair is a matter of concern for you and you feel quite irritated with it but the positive thing is that since more of oil is released by the sebum glands, the hair breakage would be quite rare in this case. The problem of hair loss won’t occur much in those with greasy hair. But managing greasy hair itself is a challenge. The problem with greasy hair is that, even after you wash them they look greasy. But don’t worry. Here, we share a few tips with you so that you can reduce your troubles due to greasy and oily hair.

oily hair care tips

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Tips for Greasy and Oily Hair

1. Choose shampoo specifically for oily hair:

You should just surf online and find out a good shampoo for oily hair. Some people have different issue. They have oily scalp but dry and frizzy hair. Under such situations, you should use conditioner only on the hair shafts and not on scalp. Make sure that you buy a good shampoo with a good brand and specifically meant for oily hair.

2. Wash your hair properly:

Make sure that you while washing your hair you rinse them thoroughly. This is because if by chance some shampoo or soap remains in your hair then it will make hair greasier and that would rather attract more dirt. Thus, wash the hair properly.

3. Shampoo everyday or every two days:

Depending upon the oiliness of your head scalp, you should take the decision to wash off the hair. If your hair becomes too much oily then you might need to wash off the hair everyday. But if they are moderately oily then washing hair every alternate day will also be fine.

4. Avoid keeping oil overnight:

It is true that massaging oil on scalp can give your hair the much deserved nourishment. But if you have greasy hair then you can take up oil massage once a week. But avoid keeping it overnight. You should mix coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil in equal parts and also add 3 drops of tea tree essential oil on it and then massage the scalp. You should also apply oil on your hair. Keep the oil for an hour and after that you should wash it off. You should rinse hair properly and see to it that oil doesn’t remain on your hair.

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5. Mix aloe gel in baby shampoo:

If you are not able to find any specific shampoo for oily skin then you can add a few drops of fresh aloe gel from the plant’s stem and then mix it with the baby shampoo. You should then use it for shampooing the hair. It would give amazing results. This is one of the best remedies for oily and greasy hair.

6. Don’t use gels and serums:

You should avoid any sorts of shining hair serums. This is because it would add to the greasiness of hair. Rather if the oil has become oilier then you can use baby powder to remove excess oil. You should dust the baby powder on your scalp and the hair that look a bit oily. This is a quick remedy to remove the greasiness of hair.

We hope that the above suggestions for managing greasy hair would help you to certain extent.

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