Tips for Being Healthy While Eating Out On Vacation


Ordering food in or eating out at a restaurant on occasions should not be a death threat. You are maybe on vacation and occasionally you need to treat yourself. Moreover, with a little knowledge, you can turn your trip into a pleasurable healthy meal option when eating out.

It is all about common sense when choosing your meal enjoying it without packing on those extra pounds. Make your restaurant meal a healthy one by following our tips for being healthy while eating out.

Tips for Being Healthy While Eating Out On Vacation

Use your common sense

Once one walks and sits down with a restaurant menu our willpower seems to go out the door. You see a spread of the most delicious foods on that menu. Use your common sense when it comes to portion control. Order those half portions where possible or consider appetizers as your meal.

Ask them to leave out the dressing when ordering your side salad and order the dressing or dip-able sauces on the side so you can regulate them. Choose wisely and order salads or a mix of vegetables. As we, all know not all healthy foods at a restaurant or on a takeaway menu is healthy.

Skip the sodas and choose healthier beverages available on the menu, such as decaffeinated coffee, fresh juice, or tea if available.

Customize your meals:

Here we show you how to customize your meals to avoid mistakes while eating out:

Eating healthy at the Sit-Down Restaurant

Unfortunately, you are not always in full control when eating at healthy restaurants and can still make healthy choices and here is how you can do it.

  • Eat a snack first – one of the best things you can do before eating out is to snack before you go to the restaurant. This helps with cravings or even impulsive decisions. Eat a half of apple with a tbsp of peanut butter, a small banana with a small square of dark chocolate or vegetables and hummus. This prevents the famish feeling that eventually leads to you eating with your eyes.
  • At the restaurant, make protein the basis of your meal such as chicken, beef, and fish. Eat it with a veggie side or salad.
  • Once deciding on your protein it is time for the rest keep it simple such as an Edamame appetizer or corn tortilla with sautéed vegetables and black beans.

Now if you cannot find anything on the menu it is time to have chat with the waiter and ask them questions.

Questions you should ask the waiter

Do not feel that if you ask the waiter questions you are one of the high maintenance tables. You need to know what you are putting into your body and ask the following:

  • What does the restaurant serve instead of fries?
  • What vegetables can I order with that on the menu?
  • Do you have ½ portions available?

Some restaurants may have substitutions available and you can tweak the menu with them. Do this by holding back on the butter, as it will cut the fat content. Skip the extras such as bacon, mayonnaise, cheese and so on. Stick with dips such as hummus or guacamole and have cucumbers instead of pita bread with your dipping.

The same rules apply to fast food menus. Moreover, the best is to avoid the sides and rather order the entrée.

Whether you eat out once a week or on vacation, the key point is not to beat yourself up or overindulge. Moreover, if you have gone bits overboard walk it off around the neighborhood. Healthy options are available on the menu if you follow our tips for being healthy while eating out.

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