Tips to Apply Mineral Foundation on Face


A lot of men and women have discovered the in-numerous benefits of using mineral make-up as compared to using traditional liquid foundation or powder. Mineral make-up is free of harmful chemicals that cause break outs as well as increase the various skin conditions. Mineral make-up is actually changing the face of beauty and it isn’t merely a phase. It has become very popular over the years as people have realized it is much more natural and hence kinder to your skin. But most of the people do not know how to apply this mineral foundation in a proper way but there is no need to worry anymore.

Mineral Foundation

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Here are Certain Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Application of Mineral Foundation:

1) Moisturize your skin beforehand

The mineral powder sticks to the natural oil of the skin and if your skin is extremely dry then this powder looks just that- a mere powder. Take a good lotion and massage your face for ten minutes as a too oily face isn’t good either, it will just melt your make-up. You need to opt the trial and error method to figure out the perfect balance.

2) Pour a small amount of foundation into the cap

Pouring a small amount of foundation into the cap is a very good trick as this prevents you from using it too much and if you need more then you can always add an extra layer. Tap the container a couple of times against the lid with 2 holes open.

3) Swirl the kabuki brush in the cap and then tap the brush to dust off the extra layer

To cover larger areas of your face, a brush is must. Using an inferior brush might make your make-up look very artificial. Investing in a good brush is always a good idea for all make-up lovers.

4) Apply the foundation by rubbing the brush on your skin in circular motions

This step is very vital as you have to decide now how your make-up will look. The brush isn’t used just for dusting the skin with powder ,it will also buff the powder to help it stick to the oil in your skin. If you buff more, it will make your coverage look heavier. This requires a lot of practice but practice makes you perfect so keep trying till you find the proper technique.

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5) Once you have the look you want with the foundation, apply a setting powder

Apply the powder in the same way you would apply the foundation. If you face a lot of difficulties with your make-up melting off then you must apply a setting powder. A setting powder is very vital to avoid such problems. With the help of this powder, the make-up will not look very sweaty will hold for a longer duration. Without a setting powder, your make-up is likely to look very dull. You can actually see the difference in your face when you use it and when you don’t.

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