Things to know Before you Color your Hair


If you are bored of your natural hair color and want to try experiment something new, then you may want to pause and read this article. You may want to experiment and have fun with new hair color but at the same time you have to make sure that you don’t end up look weird or damage your hair. You must give it some thought and then take a decision. Your hair can make or break your look so choose carefully. If you are on your way to color your hair then you should know some things about hair coloring.

Things to know Before you Color your Hair

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Things to know Before you Color your Hair:

1) Ignore the Photos on the Box

Never ever decide the color by looking at the women’s hair on the box. She may be flaunting gorgeous brown hair but do you know what her natural hair color is? You might instead decide by checking the letters as well as the numbers written on the box.

2) Use your own Colouring as a Guide

Your skin tone matters while selecting your hair color. For olive tones you can try the gold tones and avoid warmth in hair if you have pinkish skin.

3) Stay within Two Shades of your Natural Hair Color

If you are coloring your at home, ensure that you do not go more than 2 shades darker or lighter than your actual hair color. It is always best to get your hair colored at the salon so as to avoid any errors.

4) Do a Test drive Before Opting for Permanent Hair Color

Always go for a demi color as it fades after washing. If you opt for permanent hair coloring and the results do not come out good then you’ll have to regret for a long time. This is why always test a color before choosing it.

5) Do not Skip the Patch Test

Do not forget to test your color on the small part of your hair rather than covering all the hair with the color. Test and then decide, always remember this.

6) Do Damage Control Before you Dye

Before coloring your hair it is good to avoid any damage by getting rid of all the dirt and the hair products from your hair. This way you can ensure that no damage is caused to your hair while coloring.

7) Avoid Color Overkill

Remember that you don’t have to color your entire hair all the time. If you feel the hair color is fading from some place, color there or simply color again at the tips.

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8) Use Instagram to Search Different Colors and Colorists

Once you color your hair, you will surely upload a pic of your hair and even mention the colorist. Well rest of us do the same so you can simply search on Instagram the various colors and colorists.

9) Coloring your Hair can Make it Voluminous

So now you can get volume with a new color. You are truly going to turn some heads with your gorgeous locks.

10) Sun Protection is Must for Preserving the Color

Once you color your hair you might have to avoid the sun for some time. You might have to buy some hats and scarfs for better care.

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