The Make up kit Essentials


All women love make up. We all are all born beautiful but a little blush or a good lipstick can make us feel confident and enhance our looks. Today, the markets are over flowing with tons of make up products. You will find hundred types of lip balms and if you are searching for a blush , you might as well spend your entire day trying different ones. Most women carry a huge bag filled with make up products, half of which they never use and half of which don’t do anything to improve their looks. You don’t need to get worried or confused, in this article you will fill find the list of the make up kit essentials that are total must haves.

The Make up kit Essentials

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The Make up kit Essentials are:

1) A No-Show Foundation

Are you cool? Warm? Olive? No idea? You definitely should head over to the make up counter and talk to a professional. The only way to find a suitable match is to hand over this task to the professionals. In case you are fending for yourself then gently swipe a few shades vertically across the jawline and the shade which is hardly bearable, is the one you should pick.

2) A Super Concealer

If you are embarrassed of your dark circles, then a concealer is a boon for you. Concealer is the best thing to hide those hideous dark circles. It isn’t a permanent remedy but if you apply the concealer perfectly, you can hide all the dark circles.

3) A Natural Blush

The perfect shade will make it look as if you are indeed blushing . For a wonderful natural start, opt for the lighter shades and leave out all the ones with shimmer.

4) A Great Eye lash Curler

Most of the eyelashes do not grow upward, they grow outward. So if you apply mascara but without curling your lashes then you won’t look any better. It is very necessary to curl those lovely lashes.

5) Clump-free Mascara

Mascara, being exposed to the air, thickens over time. This leads to clumps. If you have a goopy one, toss it in the bin and opt for another brand.

6) A Glide on Eyeliner

Eyes are very sensitive and using too much make up can create adverse effects. Always opt for a soft pencil that glides on perfectly without tugging or pressure. Ensure that the product you choose is labeled as ophthomalogist – tested.

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7) An Allover Highlighter

A shimmery cream highlighter can do wonders for you. You can make your nose look slimmer and your lift your brows with it. Opt for pink, soft nude or peach for the greatest versatility.

8) A Good Brush Set

With a perfect brush you can take your look from a 8 to a 10. Investing in a good brush set is very vital and every time you catch a glimpse of your reflection in the mirror, you will be glad you did it.

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