The Best Uses of Rose Water for Skin


If you are quite mesmerized with the fragrance of roses then you would also love the fragrance and aroma of rose water? This has been used for skin and hair beautification since ages. Here, we discuss the benefits of rose water for skin.

The Best Uses of Rose Water for Skin

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How does Rose Water Benefit your Skin ?

Rose water is something almost everyone uses to make your skin feel amazing and smell great. Here are some of the uses of rose water for skin:

• Rose water helps to cool the skin off and also prevent acne. It helps in maintaining the sin’s pH balance and this is what makes it a perfect thing for use.

• Rose water helps in quickly healing the wounds and scars.

• It works as natural skin nourishment agent.

• It helps in giving you freedom from premature wrinkles on the skin.

• Rose water hydrates your skin and makes the skin soft and supple.

So, if you are wondering as to how you can use the rose water effectively for your skin then here are some of the best suggestions:

Uses of Rose Water for Skin

• You can use rose water as a toner and skin cleanser. You must keep some rose water in refrigerator and then apply this chilled on the skin and you will see that this natural toner would give you the perfect look.

• If you have had sun burns or if you were out in the sun for a while then when you return home, you should take some tulsi leaves and crush them. Now add crushed tulsi leaves into rose water and add this into a spray bottle. Now, this spray would help in getting relief from sun burns.

• If you want your normal moisturizer to give you better results then you must add few drops of rose water into it. This would give you better feel and the skin would be moisturized very well.

• If you have been looking for acne solution or acne prevention then you must take some lemon juice and add it to rose water. Now apply this mix on your face and then let it be as it is for 20 minutes. Now, wash off the face with warm water. Both these ingredients would make skin healthy and acne free.

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• If you have been looking for a special summer face mask then you must take some grated cucumber. Now add honey and rose water to the same. This face mask is quite nourishing for the skin and would help in making it healthy.

Rose water does not have more cost. It is quite affordable and so you can say that using rose water for skin would help in making your skin hydrated and beautiful. Use rose water for skin as it is really a good way of adding goodness to your skin. We hope that you liked this article. Often we ignore the natural remedies but then it would really be a mistake that we make.

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