The Best Tips for Long Lasting Makeup


If you are a kind of person who applies makeup but is quite disappointed because the makeup fades after a few hours span then you need the tips for keeping the makeup for more hours. Yes, there are ways and means with which you can keep your makeup for long. Here are some of the tips for long lasting makeup. Just try that and see how you would glitter and be glam girl.

long lasting makeup tips

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The Best Tips for Long Lasting Makeup

1. For keeping your make up long lasting the first thing you should do is moisturize your skin with an oil free moisturizer. This will help your skin stay in the hydration mode without being too much dry even after applying the makeup.

2. Soon after that is done you should apply primer all over your face and neck. Applying the primer would guarantee makeup for more than 5-6 hours. This is because it provides a base to the makeup. Thus try a matte primer and that will really help. Make sure that you apply the primer gently.

3. Now your base is almost ready and you should create the look like of the celebrity. So, select the best concealer first. Try concealer pens. This is because oil based concealers won’t last long. With concealer you can actually hide the flaws on your skin.

4. Now is the time to select the perfect foundation for your skin. The foundation should not be oil based again. This is because oil based products tends to fade away quickly. As we are talking about the long lasting makeup tips you should avoid buying the foundation which is oil based.

5. While applying blush you should use powder blush. Make sure that your blush brush is quite big as that will help you in proper and professional application. Powder blush is ideal if you want your makeup to stay for a longer time.

6. Again, when it comes to eye shadows try to select the powder eye shadows as they would stay for a longer time.

7. Now its time for lipstick. Try to opt for the matte finish lipstick and then choose the perfect lip gloss.

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Lipstick is never a problem. You can apply that again, if it fades. But doing the entire thing again in regards to entire face is really quite tough. Thus you should never forget the step of choosing the right primer and right concealer. You know, even baby powder works as a good primer. If you miss out a primer in your house then you can use a baby powder. It would also help your makeup to stay for longer time.

Applying makeup is a great thing to do. But after you return home you should not miss out the important session and that is the cleaning session. You should cleanse your skin thoroughly with a good cleansing lotion and then wash off your face with a mild face wash. This step is truly important as if you forget that you can face various skin issues like acne and clogged pores.

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