10 Best Weight Loss Tips


Most of the people don’t like what they see in the mirror. We all desire a toned body but most of us aren’t that fortunate. Either are arms are flabby or we have muffin tops. If you are tired of hitting the gym and eating right but aren’t seeing much difference in your weight then this article is just for you. All you need to do is follow these simple weight loss tips and you wont fear the weighing scale anymore.

10 Best Weight Loss Tips

Some of the Best Weight Loss Tips are:

1) Snack, but Smartly

It isn’t right to eat breakfast at 7 am and lunch at 1 pm without eating any thing in the middle. It is perfect to have mid meal snacks but always opt for healthy and filling snacks. Some of the best snacks are cheese, a fruit and little peanut butter.

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2) Turn off the TV

Eating while your eyes are glued to the TV screen can make you consume forty percent more calories than usual. Activities such as texting or driving while eating can also make you eat more quantity of food than usual. Make it a habit to sit down and eat your meal and avoid doing any activity while eating.

3) Step on the Scale Daily

If your weight increases many days in a row then it’s a warning signal that you should cut back on beef or any other calorie rich food. It is also an indication that your body is in need of some exercise.

4) Sculpt 3 times a Week

Doing five minutes each of lunges, push ups, squats will build as well as maintain your muscles. Your metabolism will be more if your body has more muscle rather than fat. This will help you to burn more calories and you can reduce weight faster.

5) Reach for your Cell

Next time you crave fried and sweet foods, pick up your cell phone and call a friend. Studies show that a craving doesn’t last for more than five minutes so by the time you must have finished talking, your craving will have subsided. This is a good way to redirect your brain and control yourself from eating too much.

6) Eat a Big and Balanced Breakfast

A breakfast filled with proteins and carbs along with some fats keeps you full for longer time and will stop you from snacking on calorie rich food.

7) Watch the Booze

A simple margarita or cosmopolitan can make your weight increase. It’s okay to treat yourself on weekends but light beer or wine or vodka.

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8) Have Fruit Twice a Day

Fruit has no calories and is mainly made of water. So it keeps you full and doesn’t even make you fat. Eating fruits is one of the best things you can do for your body and make it a habit to consume fruits twice in a day.

9) Stay asleep longer

Going to bed thirty minutes earlier and waking up thirty minutes later than usual can make you choose better and healthier foods.

10) Visualise yourself Thin

Everytime you feel like giving up, think of how you will look when you get thinner. It will motivate you and keep you going.

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