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A healthy mind is a healthy body. That is what is usually said. In today`s given world with the pace of life and the stress building around us, there is a need to give your body the best, so your mind can work well. Your diet speaks a lot about your state of mind. Health supplements are a great way to bring in those additional pieces of missing puzzles in your diet to make it complete. The best health supplements are those which contain a total daily value of above 8, which means its benefits would be felt and noticed by those men who take these health supplements within a month`s time. Health supplements for men have been in the market for long now, but research on how to make the best even better is still ongoing. Nevertheless, health supplements compliment your daily diet and can make you feel healthier and youthful, if taken in the right manner, in proper dosage and with apt recommendation from the physician.

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A few most prominent health supplements for men and vitamins for him are listed below:

Vitamin B-9 :

Also known as Folic Acid, it is highly advised as a form of a diet, since its presence in the male body can help the generation of red blood cells as well as reduce heart related problems. Nevertheless an unmonitored and increased dosage can lead to prostate cancer.


This special vitamin is rather well known as the energy vitamin. It helps in increasing the metabolism rate and helps in the free flowing movement of blood in the male body.

Vitamin E:

The antioxidant vitamin, required for the body, should only be taken under recommendation from the physician, since Vitamin E is not water soluble. This means it tends to stay in the body and needs to be monitored from time to time, else it could lead to certain side effects.

Vitamin A:

Great for the eyes and for night vision. This supplement is taken for those suffering with vision related impairments.

Vitamin B-3:

Also called Niacin, is most important for men, since it helps maintain the energy level with the male body and can refuel energy levels from time to time depending on the dosage. It also helps bring down the cholesterol levels of the male body.

Vitamin C:

Recommended for muscle, tendon, bone, cell membrane growth, Vitamin C is the most common health care product for him. This is the best health supplement which works as an antioxidant.

Vitamin K :

The process of building up of broken bones can be fastened with the regular and recommended intake of Vitamin K. This health supplement even prevents the calcification of the blood vessels.

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Health supplements are just supplements to your diet. A wholesome diet still leads the way above supplements. A proper diet with recommended intake of these health supplements can go a long way to making you feel healthy, energetic and youthful. Nevertheless, overdose can also have its own side effects. A relaxed body, with the right nutrient intake can pave the way to life without health supplements.

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