Sunscreen Lotions and How to Use it


Skin burns, tanning and skin darken are the common problems now a days. Earlier these problems were occurred during the summer times only, but now it has become the trouble of all the time. But every problem has a solution and in the same manner to protect you from skin tanning and burning sunscreen lotions is one of the best methods of these days.

How to Choose Best Sunscreen Lotions

In market there are various kinds of sunscreens are available for different skin types and tones. But which kind of sunscreen is the best for your skin and will be suitable to your skin or not is a different thing. Sometimes many of us have purchased the sunscreen lotion from the market just to have looked that lotion in T.V., magazines or in newspaper advertisements. We should know firstly know about our skin tone whether it is sensitive, oily or have the normal skin than according to it we should purchase it and use it. Sometimes we looked that after applying the sunscreen lotion our skin started to get irritated or start to turn red out it is because of the sunscreen lotion does not suit with our skin. So whenever you are going to buy any sunscreen lotion for yourself than firstly know your skin type and then ,according to it only buy the sunscreen and apply to your skin.

Sunscreen lotions

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Some of us do not use the sunscreen lotions and they thought that only covering themselves with the cotton scarf is enough for them. It is the totally wrong assumption that only covering will save you from the skin burning or tanning because the sunscreen does not only save you from the tanning, but also protects you from the harmful ultraviolet rays which is very dangerous for the skin.

These ultraviolet rays are the main cause of skin cancer also and a perfect sunscreen lotion also protects you from the ultraviolet rays coming out of the ozone layer. The different types of sunscreen like SPF 15,30,45 are available in the market and they are used accordingly to their usage and the point of time from whenever you are going to out our your home or in the contact of the sun.

Not only usage of sunscreen lotions will be helpful for protecting yourself from the tanning and burning, but there are also many more tips one should be considered taking care of tanning. One should not stay in sun shade for a long time and avoid direct sun contact because direct contact of the sun is also harmful. As well as try does not go out of the home between 11 to 3 at noon because this time sun-rays are very powerful and harmful too.

sunscreen lotions for skin

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Therefore, these are the importance of sunscreen lotions and causes of tanning and sunburn. So use the sunscreen accordingly to your skin tone and types. And don’t use much sunscreen lotion because exceeds of lotion can also be harmful to your skin. Use the sunscreen only at the time of contact with the sun or in the day time  or if you are going to any night party because the light present there also effects the skin and a perfect sunscreen saves you from the rays coming out of the lights present there.

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