Stylish Yoga Wear For Being in Fashionable All Day


Yoga is slowly becoming a favorite activity around the world in living a healthier lifestyle. In addition, as famous as Yoga is there are some stylish yoga wear available in the shops to wear on a daily basis, making you look fashionable and on trend with some of the prestige people. Here you can find some tricks on how you can make your yoga clothes part of your everyday wear.

stylish yoga wear

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Why wear yoga clothes all day

For one, they are comfortable to wear all day and great for you if you live an active lifestyle. It makes it easier to cycle or while playing with your child at the playground. The clothes are easy to take off and a winner in most people’s books.

You can wear them as workout clothes and all depends on your work etiquette. With some creativity, you can wear them to almost any type of event.

The Yoga Pants

If you think that the yoga pants are the best next thing to a piece of sliced bread, join the club. You can wear them anywhere as they are comfortable and flattering at the same time. If you want to wear them to work, think of them as leggings. Pair them up with some ankle boots and your favorite sweater or a sporty dress for style.

Try different fabrics as there are new pants emerging every day from established brands with colors, prints, and different textures. However, if you are tired of wearing your yoga pants another great alternative is jogger pants. They have a cinched ankle with a comfy fit.

Pair it down with a buttoned shirt and sweater for prime times. There are some great apparel jogger pants. They are made from eco-jersey fabric.

The Yoga Top

More and more designers are popping up all over the world, adding fabrics to their collections. There are plenty of tops made with moisture wicking materials and quality. You can wear them for your yoga session or even daily to work.

For a perfect top, look at Lucy Enlightening Long Sleeve . This top made from poly, modal, and spandex fabrics and does not wrinkle. With the cowl neck, it dresses up the top a bit more. Another option is the Lululemon’s Layered Long Sleeve Tee  and great to wear all day and not just your yoga class.

Add a simple necklace, slim skirt, and blazer to your outfit and you are ready for action. Add accessories to your yoga outfits to convert them into clothing for everyday wear. Use colorful scarves, armbands, necklaces, and more.

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Some other fashionable & stylish yoga wear

Here is some other Stylish Yoga Wear you can look at:

The Jungle Fever Yoga Range: This range has loads of graphics; the colors pop out in the range and are an Australian brand. The prints are jazzy and are a great Activewear range.

The Sweat it Out Yoga Range: Sweaty Betty has a stylish brand of sportswear and this is their latest addition. These are must have for all the yogis. They fit securely and are flattering with natural colors.

Animal Instinct Active Yoga Wear: This is a vigorous range of yoga wear. The clothing engineered with technology and the fabric made to enhance performance, supporting your muscles, resists bacterial build-up, and reduces inflammation.

This is only a minute range of yoga wear and you can find many available brands in stylish yoga wear from different retail houses. As you can see, you do not have to wear your yoga clothing only to the gym or your yoga classes. Dress yourself up, wear your yoga fashion for any event, and make your own statement – others have!

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