How to Stay Healthy even with Vegetarian Diet ?


Often we have myth in our mind that vegetarian diet can not cover all the nutrients and that you have to take some non-vegetarian diet into consideration. But in reality, its not so! If you wish you can choose the food wisely. The food guide as mentioned below will provide you help in relation to how to stay healthy with even the vegetarian diet. So, here’s the Healthy Food Guide for the Vegetarian Diet for you!

Healthy Vegetarian Diet

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Healthy Vegetarian Diet:

♥ Some people have a feeling in mind that vegetarian diet would not provide enough protein in the diet. But it is not so. If you include lots of nuts and lentils in the diet then you can easily meet the required protein needs. Do not rely on cheese as it would have lots of saturated fats. So, make sure that you make the healthy food choices.

♥ For calcium needs you should opt for dairy products like milk, yogurt etc. try low fat milk and milk products for calcium. As alternatives you can even use soy products and tofu in place of dairy products. You must eat different varieties of calcium so that you get proper nutrition in the body. Also, it is important that you have apt vitamin D in your diet. This will help in proper absorption of calcium.

♥ In order to have lots of antioxidants in your diet, you should have more of fruits and vegetables. Try to cover all the colors if possible. Like you should have greens, oranges, red and so on. The more the colorful fruits and veggies you have, healthier you will be. Try veggies like carrots spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers etc. also, have lots of fruits like apples, papaya, musk melon, mangoes and so on in your diet. You must take all the seasonal fruits and veggies in your diet to enhance the health benefits.

♥ You must rely more on whole grains. This is because processing the food items can remove the nutrition and fiber from the food. Having whole grains can help you in maintaining the blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

You must make a few changes in your cooking pattern also. Make sure that you do not over cook the vegetables. This is because; the nutrition content would be lost. For good fiber option, you must make sure that you have veggies moderately or lightly cooked and you eat it along with the seeds.

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Have lots of salads and fruits in your diet and see how you will be able to stay healthy. Thus, if you are on the vegetarian diet then making wise food choices will really provide you with the very best help. Make sure that you have proper protein, vitamins, calcium and fiber in your diet and this can give you good health and general well-being. Just try and find out the right food sources and see how you can keep healthy.

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