Smoky Eye Makeup to Party the Night Away!


Getting ready for a party? You surely must have bought a cool and fabulous dress but your look isn’t complete without the sexy smoky eye make up. Smoky eyes don’t just look cool but they make you feel confident and bold, just what you need to party the night away. So if you are looking for an easy method to achieve the flawless smoky eye makeup, then this article is your guide. Listed below are some easy steps, follow them and you will be known as the girl with the perfect smoky eyes.

Smoky Eye Makeup

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1) Primer

Nothing worse than the make up which smears, travels, settles into lines by 3 am. You can prevent your eye make up from smearing with the help of a primer. Blend the primer under your eyes and over the lids to make sure that your wonderful make up stays put throughout the party.

2) Concealer + Powder

If you have dark circles, then chances are that your smoky eye make up will make you look anything but sexy. Take a good creamy concealer and swipe it underneath your eyes with your fingers or with the help of a brush. Once you are done blending the concealer, make use of a fluffy brush to dap the translucent powder under your eyes. Once you start applying eye shadow, the powder will catch all the loose particles. Once you are done, take a tissue and gently swipe off the powder.

3) Curl Lashes

Make use of a good eye lash curler and then clamp down at the base of the eyelashes. Hold for about five seconds and then gently release. If you are an adventurer and you love trying new things then blast your curler with the blow dryer’s heat. Now curl.

4) Dark Shadow

Blend a nice dark shade from your eyelashes to crease and then make use of a good small angled brush for dragging the eye shadow along the lower lash lines. The exciting part? Your smoky eye shadow shade does not have to be the usual black, you can use plum, brown, navy, grey and many more.

5) Smudge

A smoky eye should be devoid of any harsh lines. You have to blend it softly at the edges. Make use of a smudge brush or a Q-tip and lightly smudge the eye shadow at the crease as well as along the bottom lashes.

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6) Line up

Once your color is in place, take a creamy black pencil to define your beautiful eyes. Now drag it along the bottom and top lash lines, ensure that there is absolutely no skin between the line and lashes.

7) Highlighter

To open up the eye area, take a shimmery highlighter and blend it in the inner corners of your eyes as well as along the brow bone.

8) Mascara

Your smoky eye is not complete without those hot lashes. Take a fiber infused mascara and there you go.

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