How Smoking Affects Skin and Ageing


Smoking is extremely bad for the health and today many of the tobacco companies themselves are accepting that smoking causes various problems, diseases and is fatal. Smoking leads to cancer and lung diseases but it is not possible to predict which smoker is likely to face many problems. However the one predictable thing is the aging of arteries. Every smoker will face this. Ageing of arteries can lead to several problems like memory loss, heart diseases, strokes and it also leads to the formation of wrinkles on your face. Smoking is like suicide because about half of the premature deaths happen due to smoking.

Even if you are fortunate enough to survive , you will look older. In fact ,much older. The effect takes about thirty years to show but if you are one of those people who have been smoking since a lot of time, you will notice that your face is covered with wrinkles. Smoking leads to skin ageing as it ages the arteries as well as reduces the lung’s ability to provide oxygen to the blood. As a result of this, your skin cells do not get the adequate amount of oxygen and as a result they age faster than usual. Inadequate amount of oxygen also ages the lungs leading to inability of your lung protective systems as well as the immune system to work properly resulting in loss of stamina and energy. Because of this your arteries get clogged with inflammation which may increase your blood pressure and hence lead to further ageing of arteries. If you are a smoker who at least smokes once in a day then consider yourself 8 years older. You are 50? Well smoking makes you look like a 58 year old person. If you just smoke 4 cigarettes a day then your real age actually is 2.6 years older.

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Smoking and skin ageing

Here are some ways in which Smoking Ruins your Appearance :

1) Bags under your eyes

When you haven’t had a good night’s sleep, it shows on your face. Bags under the eyes can make you look older and hampers your appearance. If you smoke then you are 4 times as likely as a non-smoker to feel un-rested after a night’s sleep.

2) Icky teeth

Don’t you wish for dazzling white teeth which give you a reason to smile more? Well this isn’t possible for people who smoke. Cigarettes contain nicotine which can stain your teeth.

3) Pre mature ageing and wrinkles

Youngsters who smoke are known to complain about wrinkles. Wrinkles definitely show up on a smoker’s face and can make them look very old.

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4) Yellow fingers

Cigarette contains nicotine which is responsible for making your nails brown but also stains your nails and fingers.

5) Thinner hair

For all those people who are in love with their beautiful locks, you yourself are damaging your lovely hair. Toxic chemicals present in smoke can harm the DNA in hair follicles and also produce free radicals that damage the cells. Thus your hair tends to get thinner.

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