Skin Care Tips for Kids and Infants


Nothing is as sweet as the smooth soft skin of a newborn baby. A baby’ s skin is extremely sensitive and it requires a lot of care. As your little one starts to grow, you can make use of these four easy and handy skin care tips for keeping his skin soft and pampered.

Skin Care Tips for Kids and Infants

The 4 Easy Skin Care Tips for Kids and Infants are Listed Below:

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1) Rethink bath time:

It is good if you enjoy the bath time as a nightly ritual. But when you are running short of time , do not stress. You don’t need to fully bathe your little one more than twice in a week at least as long as he is crawling around. At other times, give your baby sponge baths around the mouth and the diaper area as well as any skin folds( around double chins, thighs and armpits). You do not even need to lather him up. Buy a mild liquid cleanser that won’t sting your baby’s eyes or make his skin dry. Avoid bubble baths and bar soaps. You must also follow the necessary safety tips like supporting your baby’s head . Don’t ever leave your baby alone during a bath, not even for a second.

2) Block the sun:

When you take your baby out in the sun make sure that you carry certain things like a broad-spectrum sunscreen, sunglasses with UV protection, tightly woven clothings with pants and long sleeves and also a hat to protect your baby from the sun. For babies who are younger than six months, keeping them out of direct sunlight is very important.

When you take the baby out apply a good sunscreen on all the small areas that aren’t covered with clothes such as hands and face. You can use the sunscreen all over the body of an older baby but ensure that it doesn’t goes in his eyes. Avoid taking your baby out between 10 am to 4 pm as this is when the harsh sun rays affect the most. Sunscreen blocks or sticks with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide is a bit gentler on the sensitive skin. Reapply it after every two hours or after your baby gets wet or sweats.

3) Be careful with the baby’s laundry:

Make use of a detergent that’s free of dyes and perfumes for washing your baby’s clothes. Fabric softener must be avoided strictly.

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4) Moisturize

Baby skin is extremely sensitive and it needs to be moisturized properly. You can utilize a fragrance free emollient ointment or cream after your little one’s bath to avoid the skin from becoming dry. If your baby has a dry skin moisturize very frequently especially if he has eczema or during the winter season. Ointments and creams are much more preferable as compared to lotions. Lotions tend to irritate your little one’s skin. During winter season it is necessary to moisturize your baby’s skin twice in a day to prevent it from becoming dry.

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